Anabel Pantoja speaks out about her pregnancy cravings and her baby’s future name: “I’m very nervous”

Anabel Pantoja has reappeared this Wednesday after announcing, exclusively, that she is four months pregnant. Isabel Pantoja’s niece told the magazine Readings the details of this new stage that you are going through together with David Rodriguezher aunt’s physio and the baby’s father, and, a day later, answered the questions of We’ll see.

The cousin of Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja has been brief when talking about her pregnancy, which caught her in the middle of moving with her boyfriend. “I just moved, I’m very nervous”, has advanced before talking about how he is in this time of change. “The cravings are fine, nothing more. I crave melon, yes. And ice cream. But nothing else. And snails,” she said.

The former contestant of Survivors He has not revealed who the godparents will be because, as he has said, he has not made the decision. She hasn’t thought about names either. “I can’t tell you anything”, has insisted in response to the reporter’s questions, to which he no longer wanted to answer anything else. She has not spoken either about the serious crisis that she recently experienced with her boy and that ended in a complicated judicial procedure.

A month and a half after turning 38, The ex of Omar Suárez and Yulen Pereira revealed her concerns to the aforementioned magazine: “Thank you very much! I am very happy. I forget that I am pregnant, I am leading a normal life, I start carrying suitcases on the plane. I am four months pregnant, we have already passed the security months, I was afraid. Now that “The doctor told me that everything is perfect, I am much calmer. At first you are scared and you don’t want to get excited in case it doesn’t turn out well.”

“We were looking for the baby for a long time. Last year, in October, I got pregnant but couldn’t go ahead, it was too short a time. “It was a pain,” she explained. On the cover of the magazine, Anabel Pantoja posed showing off her tummy and repeating that, although it has been a difficult road, her boyfriend and she couldn’t be happier. Always cautious, they wanted to wait the first three months before breaking the news

After having found love with David Rodríguez and starting a family, she says she is full of happiness because she knows that at Christmas she will have her baby in her arms. She also tells that she is having a very good pregnancy. “I don’t feel nauseous, nor do I vomit. I can not complain. I get a little more tired than usual, I pee a lot and that’s it.”Explain.

Both her cousins ​​and her aunt knew that she was going to be a mother. “It was very nice,” said Anabel, who also revealed her pregnancy to Belén Esteban. “I can’t be happier, my chubby girl,” Belén wrote on her social media along with a photo in which she touched her friend’s tummy. “They’re going to be parents and I’m going to be an aunt,” she added, proud. For her part, Isa Pantoja declared this Thursday that she felt very happy for the influencer. “I am constantly telling him things about my son and now what I tell him is to stop with the negative comments and enjoy his pregnancy,” she said in We’ll see, program in which she has also acknowledged that it would bother her if her mother, given her distance, acted as a great aunt “when she does not act as a grandmother.”