Anabel Pantoja boasts of good vibes with her mother-in-law, Arelys, after their confrontations

After separating from Omar Sánchez, Anabel Pantoja found love again survivors: Yulen Pereira. In his words, the fencer has changed him as a person. The only point that he limped in his relationship was his mother-in-law, but apparently it is already solved.

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the niece of Isabel Pantoja has forgotten everything that Arelys talked about her on television sets and they have been seen in good spirits in an afternoon of shopping in a shopping center in Madrid.

Laughter and complicity between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law after the first assured that she did not like Anabel for her son. Time will have made Arelys change her mind about the cousin of Kiko Riverawhom he did not even see as the mother of his future grandchildren.

“It shocked me because she saw us on the island, she saw me separately and she saw her son separately too. Then she saw us together and I think that when you see a person you love, you know if it’s okay or not. No. Right now what matters to me is to be well, “said the influencer in a magazine.

A few days ago, he revealed that they had spoken: “She clarified it for me and now I understand what she has explained to me. I think so, I simply want to take the step in the sense that I want to get closer because she is the mother of my partner And because I think there have been misunderstandings.” Judging by the images, everything is going from strength to strength.