Anabel does enter Kiko’s list of visits to the hospital, but they don’t let Isabel Pantoja?

Much is being said about the absence of Isabel Pantoja in the Seville hospital where his son has been hospitalized since Friday due to a stroke. This Saturday, it transpired that the tonadillera preferred not to go. However, the latest statements from Irene Rosales make you think that your own Kiko is the one who is not prepared to see him.

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“Kiko needs all the peace of mind in the world, in terms of visits and emotional peace. She does not have a very normal relationship with her mother right now, so emotionally it can upset her a little to see her mother in these conditions,” they were the words of the DJ’s wife on leaving the hospital this Sunday.

The strange thing is that Irene herself had confirmed that Isabel would go once Kiko was on the floor. “Yes, of course, Isabel wanted to come now, but I told her to wait, she will see him when she is on the floor. She will be with him, of course, she is her son,” said the Sevillian on Friday.

Mother and son have not seen each other for a year, when Cayetano and Fran’s brother approached Cantora to accompany his mother in mourning for his grandmother, Doña Ana, who died on September 29, 2021.

However, Kiko has received other visits since this Saturday he was transferred to the plant to continue recovering. After seeing some of her closest friends like Manuel Cortes Bollo o Luis Rollan, her cousin Anabel Pantoja has been the next to give her a hug. This is how Kiko himself has made it known through his social networks with a photo of both.