Ana Soria’s bumpy birthday: the blow to the eye (and jumping over the fence of her house)

eventful birthday for Ana Soria. The girlfriend of Enrique Ponce (51), who turned 25 this Saturday, September 3, arrived at his parents’ house with a bruise on his eye, the result of some accident. As illustrated this Wednesday, September 13, the photographs published by the magazine Week.

The influencer arrived at her parents’ house to celebrate her birthday. With a natural look, where the model opts for a comfortable black outfit in gray tones, Ana Soria appears without makeup and with an obvious bruise on one of her eyes.

The day of his birthday celebration was cut short at times. Upon arriving at her family home, Ana realized that she did not have keys and she had to jump over the fence of her house to access the garden. The content creator demonstrated her already undoubted physical shape and she rolled up her skirt to be able to jump more easily.

Once inside, he opened the door so his mother could enter and they went for a walk with their dog. After finishing the tour, mother and daughter said goodbye with an affectionate hug, which shows the good relationship they both have.