Ana Rosa, shocked by the murder of Borja, brother of Begoña Villacís: “I imagine the ordeal they have experienced with this boy”

The presenter and her evening team offered this Tuesday the last hour on the shooting of Borja Villacis, little brother of the former vice mayor of Madrid for Ciudadanos. The events took place at 12:30 p.m. in the vicinity of Mediaset and the security forces have quickly deployed a search and capture device for the two people who have fled. The third has been arrested. Ana Rose She has been impressed by what happened and has sent her condolences to the lawyer in these difficult times: “We send a kiss to Begoña, families are not to blame if a member at a certain time takes a bad path.”

“I’m thinking about Begoña, that this brother, because of the background we have known, has given her a lot of trouble. And that she would be hoping that one day something would happen and they would arrest him, because now he had a pending trial, but this is brutal… “Quintana said. His partner, Manu Marlaska, remembered that Borja, 41, belonged to a group of radical football Ultras. In fact, he was awaiting trial at the National Court, accused of a crime of drug trafficking and large-scale money laundering: “he was the one who controlled a drug nursery in Madrid,” the journalist said. “I was thinking about Begoña and the parents… From there they shot him twice in the head and chest…” Quintana insisted, affected. “If he was with these groups, if he was guarding or responsible for a daycare center, if he could be linked to a drug bust, robbing drug traffickers… I can imagine the ordeal that these parents and this sister have experienced… anguish… and at 41 years old… he was not a child.

Late in the afternoon, the police intensified the search for the two suspects in an unprecedented police force: cavalry, helicopters, drones… They have surrounded the area and prohibited access to journalists due to the possibility of a new shooting, because the suspects, after shooting Borja Villacís, have tried to end the lives of the few witnesses there were. Two men and a woman were traveling in a rented car in Barajas whose license plate has been changed to avoid being identified. The moment has been recorded by some neighbors, thus facilitating the arrest of the woman, 52 years old and born in Bargas, Toledo.