Ana Rosa Quintana has spoken about the arrest of Antonio Tejado. The 36-year-old was entered into provisional prison this Monday, accused of being the alleged “intellectual author” of the robberies that a criminal organization committed in luxury homes in Seville. Among the victims is, in addition to the footballer Sergio Ramosthe detainee's aunt, the singer Maria Montero, which suffered a violent robbery last August. It was after his complaint that the police investigation began.

The presenter has asked that the accusations against Tejado not be downplayed. “What hell your aunt is going to go through”, he lamented. According to the Civil Guard, Chayo Mohedano's ex passed “information about the victims” to the gang. Details included “the victims' routines,” “the layout of the home” and “the location of the home's safe.”

This news has led to the problems that Tejado had with addictions being talked about again on the sets, and which led him to abandon television. His personal situation was currently unstable, as those around him point out to the press. “There are many people who take drugs and drink and do not dedicate themselves to robbing their families' houses”the journalist has expressed emphatically in TardeAR.

“From here I want to send María and Inmaculada (the singer's wife) a hug. The first thing was the robbery, because María was shocked. It was violent. They tied them up, they gagged them. But now he finds out that the one who sent those guys to his house is his nephew…”he commented.

The Civil Guard has also reported that The gang was organizing a failed robbery of one million euros. In total, there are eight people who have been investigated for six months for their alleged involvement in the crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation, in addition to illegal detention, membership in a criminal organization, reception and trafficking of drugs.

Nevertheless, there he has taken advantage of his right not to give statements, both before the Civil Guard authorities and before the judge, a maneuver that the rest of the detainees have also carried out, of which five will enter prison. The other two have been released with charges and without precautionary measures.