Ana Rosa Quintana received the ‘no’ from Rodolfo Sancho, who refused to be interviewed on her program

With little publicity and some thorny topics, Sonsoles Onega is winning the first afternoon battles fought by Antena 3 and Telecinco, the loser of the slot since the cancellation of Save me without having a substitute for guarantees. Without a doubt, a good help for Ana Rosa would have been to have characters of great media relevance on set. Her producer tried it with Rodolfo Sancho but they didn’t get it. They weren’t the only ones, of course, but they really needed something like this. Two weeks after starting the program, the data confirms this.

Ana Rosa Quintana promised a certain competitiveness due to his seniority, and his more than proven effectiveness in the morning slot for almost two decades, where he settled after spending the afternoon with the remembered Taste of the from Antenna 3.

But the dance of Unicorn Content programs has so far ended in failure: The critical look of Ana Terradillos ranges between 12.5 and 9.5% share, We’ll see y Joaquín Prat They are not even close to the past numbers of Ana Rosa’s programand the new TardeAR seems to have frozen below the 10% with which it falls against And now Sonsoles, which usually exceeds 12% and establishes a barrier of three points, although it lasts an hour less and barely includes commercial breaks.

This time he has not had his Ramona Maneiro

The disappointing premiere of VIP Big Brother (which this Sunday worked with El Debate) and the major failure of the deceased Chinese stories They leave TardeAR as the only great asset. Some programming experts believe that the ‘queen emeritus of the mornings will rise and become queen of the afternoons. But, according to sources from the Fuencarral network, “Ana Rosa seems not to want to go down into the mud like in the past because, currently, she has an enviable position not only as a presenter but as a businesswoman.”

Ana Rosa’s program started in 2005 with an exclusive interview with Ramona Maneirowho broke his silence on the Telecinco set after helping to die Ramon Sampedro. However, TardeAR, in 2023, has been released without such high-profile songs. To give an example, that interview with the ‘pioneer of euthanasia It was something comparable to what it would have meant now to have on set the first interview with Rodolfo Sancho, the father of Edwin Arrieta’s alleged murderer. But the actor, who was interviewed by the production company, according to confirma Unicorn Content, He said no, like the rest of the media that proposed it. Maybe I will in the future.

On the other hand, in AR we find excesses of Mario Vaquerizo or the actor’s ‘blonde’ jokes Javier Losán. It is true that the great events journalist Manu Marlasca, imported from laSexta, where he did something similar in Better Late, brings rigor. There are more successes.

Fucking Nephew

Ana Rose displays a healthy sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself with the section of her nephew Kike, who undoubtedly has some story of his own waiting to be told, one of those that AR would classify as ‘human interest’. The son of the only brother of the Usera presenter emulates that from ‘Row 0’ to Follonero original when laughing at the discreet TardeAR audiences: “What a losing week you’ve had,” he snapped at her a few days ago. With these public darts AR seems to leave behind the bad losing that she evidenced in a tense interview with a reporter who told her that Ana Rosa’s program, in its last season, had lost in its first leg against Aruser@s. “For the first time in history, it is something completely unprecedented. In the political zone, which is the one that goes from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., there is a competitor who has achieved better results than AR,” Sergio Soriano told him. , from The Plural. And AR was trying to go off on a tangent. “Well, but Aruser@s is a different type of program. First, it is a two-hour program. Ours lasts four and a half hours, and it is a program that is not a current affairs show. It is something else. We do not compete in the same league. I tell you one thing. From the beginning we had the courage to make a program that goes from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. ” Ana Rosa was right.

“We don’t start, we don’t put on a mask, we don’t do any of that. Which is always more complicated, because it’s easier to put on a mask and say: ‘Well, now I take this part that works best. I compete with the people who compete on my schedule And with Ferreras on my coincidence time! Because they are from the same family,” he added.

Arús answered him from The vanguard: “We are the program that offers the largest number of current news by far every morning. And without ever having to rectify any information. What’s more, we have forced the classic magazines to get their act together and break the closed lists that they prepared the day before, based on the topics that had previously given them an audience.”

The star of La Sexta finished off ‘the queen emeritus’: “The last great innovator of the mornings was Maria Teresa Campos. Before, Hermida and Pepe Navarro. Since María Teresa Campos, no one has invented anything (. . .) We are in the Champions League and they are in the Europa League. No, seriously now, what nonsense: the league is the same. We all play in the same competition, it’s just that We do it with a much lower budget, and with fewer means”.

What to do with TardeAR?

Ana Rosa Quintana She announced since she took office in the afternoons that she was not willing to leave politics, contrary to what was imposed on Jorge Javier Vázquez and Sálvame from the largest offices of Mediaset. “There will be no politics in the afternoons of Telecinco,” declared Alessandro Salem from the five columns of the The country in mid-May. But that sentence has been passed Ana Rosa Quintana by the Victory Arch, what a traditionalist would say. See his new editorials against Pedro Sánchez, or comments mocking the penultimate occurrence of the acting vice president, Yolanda Díaz, when she said that “Rich people have rockets to escape from Earth”. Ana Rosa does very well to laugh at such occurrences and to click wherever she wants, and we must applaud the decision to talk about whatever is happening because, as she says, “everything is politics.” What doesn’t add up is that the Madrid woman’s arguments are valid now while when she was Save me The big boss of the network wrote such forceful phrases: “Our job is to entertain, it is not to do politics.” But hey, it is wise to rectify: Ana Rosa said that she was going to be free on Fridays and at the moment she presents the program five days a week.