Ana Rosa Quintana does not return to Telecinco this Wednesday nor is she going to interview Íñigo Onieva

The paparazzi Diego Arrabal assured a few hours ago that the return date of Anna Quintana to television after his fight against his illness would take place this Wednesday, October 5. But it is false. Sources of absolute solvency deny the information to this portal categorically.

The return will have to wait at least a few more weeks, as we advanced this weekend from Informalia. It is true that everything was prepared for the veteran journalist to return after her treatment for breast cancer in mid-September and will take the reins of the space that they are running with great success so far Joaquín Prat y Patricia Brown. But he couldn’t.

Nor is it true therefore that Tamara Falcó’s ex for the queen of the mornings. “For the first time Íñigo is going to sit down to tell everything that has happened with Tamara Falcó. They were going to interview him on Emma García’s new program, on Fiesta, but since it is the same producer, well Ana Rose I wanted to come back with something powerful, and that’s how it will be” Arrabal explains. But they assure us that it will not be either. Which does not mean that there have not been negotiations since both the AR space and many other media want to have the most important character in the soap opera, after Tamara, and the only one who has not yet spoken since the statement in which He admitted his lies and asked for forgiveness.

“Ana Rosa is not feeling bad,” according to what people who are close to her tell us. They also tell us that “she is responding very well to the treatment”, but that “she does not stop being a cancer and she has to be fine to spend so many hours in front of the camera”, they tell us. Hence, despite the pothole that Telecinco is going through, no one pressures her to return. “She will do it when she is one hundred percent,” they assure us.

Ana Rosa, despite the fact that she already goes to meetings at the production company’s headquarters, and regularly meets and talks with Xelo Montesinos, her right hand and general director of Unicorn, “is not prepared to get up early and face the work involved in presenting a program of more than five hours a day,” they explain.

It has been decided to wait a few more weeks. And that they even considered that Ana should only be in one part of the space and delegate another of hers to her colleagues, who they are doing great according to the excellent audience data harvested.

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Ana Rosa announced that she had breast cancer in November 2021 and he did it on his show, to the amazement of many of his peers and also of his audience. It was the second time that cancer gave him a warning, he surpassed another in 2010. “I started this program when my children were just over a month old and many things have happened, some wonderful, most of them, and also unpleasant because this is life Today I have to say goodbye for a while, I hope it won’t be too long, they have detected a carcinoma in my breast, fortunately it is localized and there are no metastases, but it requires intense treatment that will keep me away from this set and these colleagues , who are also my family,” he said. She immediately took refuge in hers and began with the chemo and radio sessionsa treatment that, according to what they have told, has worked.

Her colleagues have missed her every day, and they have let her know with messages, calls and signs of affection. Every day they have sent her a kiss or a nice phrase when saying goodbye to her program, although a few days ago, Joaquín worried about her by saying: “A big kiss, Ana, today more than ever.”