Ana Rosa messes up when talking about Joaquín Prat’s physique: “He’s ugly-handsome”

Debate on the set TardeAR. This Thursday, the Mediaset commentators commented on a study by the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona on the attractiveness of “bad men” for women. Those present agreed that that “rebellious air” in a man is very attractive and Ana Rose gave an example that has left everyone with their mouths open: “For example, Joaquín Prat “He’s an attractive man and he’s not particularly handsome.”

The presenter realized her mistake (“you’re not going to like this”) but she was already ready: “Joaquín has very strong features and is very attractive. He is a handsome ugly man”. Her partner, Cristina Tárrega, helped her get out of the quagmire: “Joaquín is very good.” “Well, that’s it,” Ana Rosa concluded.