Ana Rosa makes a break in the presentation of her program to talk about María Teresa Campos: “She is one of the greats and I hope she overcomes this crisis”

Ana Rosa Quintana has sent a message of affection to María Teresa Campos during the presentation, at the FesTVal de Victoria, of the new program that she is finalizing for Telecinco. TardeAR will start on September 18 and will be the relay of This is life in the strip that for 14 years occupied Save me.

Before beginning to give the details of her new format, the presenter has made a break to pay a “tribute” to María Teresa Campos. “I want to send a huge hug to the daughters and family of María Teresa Campos who is going through a complicated and difficult time,” the Madrid communicator began.

“I simply want to pay tribute to her. María Teresa is one of the greats. We have learned a lot from her, she has opened many paths and she is very young. I hope she overcomes this crisis,” added Quintana.

Three hours in the afternoon: this will be ‘TardeAR’

Ana Rosa Quintana’s new program will be broadcast between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., which will force Telecinco to remodel the slot. In fact, the chain intends to keep This is life in the desktop with a duration of one hour, and then issue TardeAR and later on, Chain reaction. 25 words would be relocated to another time.

Ana Rosa’s idea is to mix news, events, heart and entertainment with a group of collaborators that will mix names of veterans and newer ones. In addition to Alaska, Mario Vaquerizo and Vicky Martín Berrocal, names advanced by Informalia, the program will also feature Cristina Cifuentes, Judith Mascó, Carolina Ferre, Xavier Sardá. Paloma Barrientos, Cristina Tárrega and Marisa Martín Blázquez will continue with her. In addition, Laura Madrueño, presenter of Tiempo and survivorsDirector of WeekJorge Borrajo, and that of Ten Minutes, Vicente Sánchez.

In the new season, he will compete against Jordi González (TVE) and the Sonsoles Ónega program, who worked for Ana Rosa on Telecinco. “Who said it was easy. It is a season full of novelties, new programs, great figures… we are going to humbly try to win the afternoon”, said the communicator.