Ana Rosa ‘hallucinates’ with Yolanda Díaz’s speech about the rockets of the rich: “I thought it was an AI joke, but no”

The presenter reacted this Monday to the vice president’s speech, which left half of Spain dazed by ensuring that the rich “are designing a plan B based on fleeing the world to protect themselves, it is the world of rockets to escape from the earth “. Ana Rosa Quintana has added to the general confusion: “It has left us perplexed.”

The disbelief was such that the presenter thought it was a fake video created by Artificial Intelligence: “I promise you that when I heard it I said ‘It’s a deepfake’, they used the image and no, it’s true.” And he jokes: “Someone has read a book, they have given it a summary and Díaz has not understood it well.”

As we said, Ana Rosa Quintana has not been the only one to be “shocked” by the statements of Yolanda Diaz. Social networks have taken the opportunity to criticize, joke and launch the best memes of the day.