Ana Rosa breaks a record on Telecinco and ties with Sonsoles Ónega in the closest afternoon of the season

After two months of going through serious difficulties in the afternoons of Telecinco, Ana Rosa has been delighted with the data that the program she presents on Mediaset garnered this Thursday. The communicator sets her record for the season, with an 11.2% share and 991,000 viewers, and for the first time she is competitive in a slot where she usually lost, except on three rare occasions at the beginning of the course.

TardeAR it ties with its main rival, Sonsoles Ónega, which registers another 11.2%, although the Atresmedia journalist gathers more viewers on average in her two hours of program (1,020,000). With these data, the duel waged by the Telecinco and Antena 3 journalists to control the afternoon slot becomes truly interesting for the first time.

The truth is that Ana Rosa wins by very little in her three-hour slot – from 5:08 p.m. to 7:52 p.m. – in which she competes against the series Original sin and the Sonsoles program, but above all is imposed in the band of strict coincidence with the Antena 3 show – from 6:01 p.m. to 7:52 p.m. – when it gets an advantage of five tenths: 11.2% against Ónega’s 10.7%.

Ana Rosa and Sonsoles compete face to face since the beginning of this year in a morbid duel, because they are opponents after having worked hand in hand on Telecinco, when Ónega presented It’s already noon and Quintana produced it through Unicorn. Since they started competing, Sonsoles Ónega has almost always won on Antena 3 with a program that remains protected without advertising, something that Quintana came to reproach from his set. The Telecinco presenter, for her part, has been suffering strikingly for two months and has repeatedly fallen into the ‘one digit’, which is why the 11.2% that she has achieved in her latest installment is notable.

Probably, part of the responsibility for this data corresponds to the heart section, Salsear, which this Thursday was, for the first time, vibrant. The program addressed the interview that Bárbara Rey’s son will give tonight at the premiere of Friday y Antonio Montero exploded against the featured and spoke about his recordings with King Juan Carlos. In this sense, he issued an order to Bárbara: “Many people have these recordings. Maybe I have them. Do you want me to bring them? Bárbara, shall we play them?” Montero blurted out, very angry, while his companions tried to get him lowered an energetic tone that, finally, gave life to the section.

‘Masterchef’ continues to lead on a ‘GH VIP’ that improves

Apart from the duel in the afternoons, Thursday prime time is still in the hands of Masterchef Celebritywhich leads with 15.1% on La 1. GH VIP, for its part, improves to 13% and maintains its second position. Antena 3 continues discreetly with the broadcast of Joaquín, the rookiewhich this Thursday featured Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo (8%).