Ana Obregón's three versions about the fate of her exclusives: they do not go to the Aless Lequio foundation but to her daughter Ana Sandra

The contradictions of Ana Obregon continue after the exclusive news that he gave Informalia: So far he has not contributed the funds from his exclusives or the book to his son's foundation. The Shrew Boyas he said and presumed he would do (first version).

Another of its versions, the second, came after the information published by this portal in the New Year. Ana tried to justify herself by saying that she did not contribute all the money because she already gave an advance to create the foundation, although she spoke to some journalists about 30,000 euros, to others 40,000 and to others 50,000.

Antoñita La Fantástica, as her family nicknamed her when she was a child, also said that she already donated one of her mother's bags (for an amount that barely exceeded 6,000 euros) and that for these two reasons she did not donate the rest of what she earned in its exclusives in Hola: “As for the money from the exclusives, he tells me that that money has not yet been contributed because she had made an advance of 30,000 euros to create the foundation and, in addition, she had raffled off a purse from her mother and a series of donations she had made. At the moment, she says that she has kept the money that she had advanced and that is why she has not deposited the remaining money from the exclusives,” she told Pepe del Real (Telecinco).

Since the girl's birth in March of this year, she has starred in very juicy exclusives in her leading magazine, Hola. As we say based on the information provided by experts who know very well how exclusives are paid at the moment, the sum of all the ones she has done in 2023 could be 280,000 euros without counting the famous cover in which Ana appeared leaving a Miami hospital in a wheelchair with the little girl in her arms. The agency insists that it was a bust as a result of exhaustive monitoring, we can act Swedish or not. Be that as it may, it is a money that the foundation has not seen a penny of to date, as sources who know the situation of the accounts very well reiterate to us, and that it is far from between 30 and 50,000 euros that she contributed to create it (plus the bag and “a series of donations”).

The third version

The other version of his exclusives, the third, was put back on the table this Friday, when through a collaborator of Public mirrorthe actress, presenter, biologist and writer has said that the money from her exclusives does not go to her son's foundation, it goes to an account created for Ana Sandra, so that she can have this money when she is an adult and she is no longer in this world.

It must be remembered that when the girl is 10 years old, Obregón will be close to 80, which is why she was highly criticized when she was brought into the world through surrogacy, that is, using another woman's body in exchange for compensation. economical. “I have donated some exclusives. Not all because now I have a mouth to feed”said Ana.

The impeccable and admirable work of the Aless Lequio Foundation is not in doubt. On the contrary, I wish I had more money to launch more projects. The Foundation is not questioned, but Ana Obregón is. How much capital has the presenter contributed to that foundation? She said that she would bring the exclusives and benefits of the book The Shrew Boy. But we are not aware that he did so. This Thursday, in addition, the actress shared a statement from the foundation on her social networks that also left us with many doubts.

The Shrew Boy

Beyond the exclusives, regarding the benefits of the book, Ana hid behind the fact that the money from the rights to the work had not yet been delivered because Harper Collins, the book's publisher, liquidated the exercise in March, adding that the publisher itself He would send the money to the Aless Lequio Foundation on those dates, as a spokesperson for the publisher admitted.

However, when asked about the advance that Ana supposedly received, the editor herself says that “the contract with Ana Obregón is confidential,” while sources from the publisher cited in Public mirror by the journalist Laura Fa They also assure that the actress was given three advances: the first part, upon signing the contract; the second, when delivering the original; and the third, when the work is published. None of these amounts, neither the exclusives nor the book, had reached the Foundation as of January 1.

This destroys the explanations advanced until now that the Foundation had not received money from the profits obtained from the sale because the publisher does not settle the sales until March. That is, Ana Obregón, according to this version, has collected the advances but has not contributed them, at least until now.