Ana Obregón's contradictions regarding donations to the Aless Lequio Foundation: why doesn't she show the accounts?

On January 1, we published for the first time that Ana Obregón has not contributed to the Aless Lequio Foundation the funds from all of her exclusives nor the profits from the book so far. The boy with the shrews. It is important to highlight, as the owner of the information stated, the part that says “Until now”. Shortly afterward and through colleagues from various media outlets, the actress tried to deny everything and even attacked the outlet saying that it had been published “to cause harm.”

But, curiously, he later recognized in his own way that the data was true. Although at first he denied everything, little by little and among contradictions he was admitting that, in effect, “until now”, he has not contributed either the benefits obtained from the sale of the book El Chico de las musarañas or the good money obtained in exclusives and other paid interventions in media such as television programs to which he attended for a succulent fee.

Ana Obregón not only admitted that she has not donated the money obtained from her exclusives but also explained why she has not given it to a Telecinco journalist who spoke with her. This was literally confirmed by Pepe del Real in We'll see, quoting the biologist: “As for the money from the exclusives, he tells me that that money has not yet been contributed because she had made an advance of 30,000 euros to create the foundation and, in addition, she had raffled off a purse from her mother and a series of donations she had made. At the moment, she says that she has kept the money that she had advanced and that is why she has not deposited the remaining money from the exclusives.

That is to say, indeed, Ana Obregón recognizes that “so far”, she has not delivered the caches obtained from the numerous exclusives. Of course, she affirms that she advanced money from her own pocket when the Foundation was established, implying that the exclusives and other work that she later collected served to replenish her checking account. Ana Obregón appeared between December 2022 and December 2023 in 6 covers, only in Hola magazine. Experts consulted by that digital establish a variable range but none of the sources lower their estimates of 500,000 euros, while at the top of the estimates we are close to one million euros.

This Tuesday, Ana Obregón gave different versions of the amounts advanced by her to the Foundation. TO Lorena Vazquez, in Public mirror, He told him about 40,000 euros, Paloma Barrientos He told him that he had put in 50,000 and the aforementioned Pepe del Real set his contribution at 30,000 euros. Sources familiar with the true accounts of the Aless Lequio Foundation maintain that “indeed, Ana made an initial contribution,” although they clarify that “later that amount was refunded” when there were funds after the contribution of Aurelio Palomo, who arrived through a friend of Alessandro Lequio, a tax expert, and became the main donor, since he provided a figure around 4 million euros, including an office in the center of Madrid, headquarters of the foundation.

As if this were not enough, Obregón herself justified the fact that she was keeping the money from at least part of her exclusives by excusing it, as she explained, because she has stopped working to raise a daughter: “I have a mouth to feed,” she said. .

Not only Ana Obregón recognized that Informalia's data was true, admitting that “so far” she has not donated money from her juicy exclusives. The publishing house of The Shrew Boy, through statements to Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa, published in Public mirror, He admitted that “so far” nothing has been contributed, although he said that it will be done in the coming months, when they close the billing for the 2023 financial year. Asked about the advance that is paid almost invariably, The publisher explained that the contract with Ana Obregón “is confidential.”

Perhaps if Ana Obregón detailed all the charges, transfers, and accounts of the Foundation, her statements would be more credible. Since she is going to exhibit her daughter, she could exhibit the documents that confirm what she got tired of repeating: that the benefits of her exclusive book would go to the Foundation, that is, for research and the fight against cancer. She is free to sell the exclusives she wants and keep them. But she can't get away with repeatedly stating in public that you donate and then saying that your contracts are confidential and that the donations are partial or will be made in the future.

He always said that everything he raised from his book, The Shrew Boy would go to the Aless Lequio Foundation

He always said that everything he raised from his book, The Shrew Boy It would go to the Aless Lequio foundation, dedicated to childhood cancer research, but, as we mentioned a few days ago, at the moment, neither Ana nor the publisher have contributed the amounts. According to a Harper Collins official, the closing of the year was made in December and payments were not made until March, but he did not clarify whether or not there was an advance payment when the contract was closed. “It's confidential,” he said. Something strange considering that practically 100×100 of the authors receive it.

But there is more information, as published The country, A source linked to the publishing world confirmed to the newspaper that the actress “could have pocketed between 100,000 and 150,000 euros for that editorial contract, not counting royalties or copyrights, which she will begin to collect within a year. Virtually all the publishers were behind it. of this book and they were all willing to pay whatever she wanted. A contract of this type would not go below 100,000 euros.

Even so, after the Informalia exclusive, Ana tries to deny the information and says that it has been published “to do harm”, and puts the finger on the father of her son, Aless, Alessandro Lequio “because only she and he see the accounts,” he said; but at the same time he recognizes that he is keeping part of the money from the exclusives because he “has stopped working to take care of Anita and I have a mouth to feed.” From this portal we wanted to compare how many exclusives the biologist has made since that fateful March 13 when her son died, at the age of 27, due to cancer. And at the same time we wanted to consult with several experts how much she could have earned for each of them. And all taking into account that, according to the documentation to which we have had access, there is no income in the foundation by Ana Obregón.

The first exclusive that Ana gives is six months after Aless died, specifically in November 2020. Dressed completely in black, she shows her pain as a mother. They were her first words after two years of fighting against time to try to save the life of the love of her life. It was heartbreaking, but the truth is that it was not a bestseller. In fact, it sold less than the previous week's cover, with Isabel Pantoja. According to the experts, and despite the figures that have been given, “it could not have exceeded 100,000 euros and it could have been a package with the following one; in which he announced that he was making waves on Spanish Television with Anne Igartiburu. There was talk that “he would have received around 35,000 euros.” That cover sold much less and was a blow to Spanish Television for authorizing exclusive photographs to one magazine, displacing the others.

At that time, Ana already talked about how she was immersed in the creation of the Foundation and her intention to donate everything she gained from the interviews. He was very excited to create a foundation for cancer research. We talked about it in the hospital, at the end. He told me: “I want everything I have, everything I have earned, to go to the foundation. So I am going to create a foundation, I am already creating it, and that is what has given me the strength to continue living. It will be called the Aless Lequio Foundation and I am already registering it. And it will be nothing more than for research because unfortunately in Spain three hundred and twenty people die from cancer every day, and there is no money in the State budget for research. Research “It saves lives. To start, I want all the benefits from this interview to go to the foundation.” We are now going for 135,000.

Then she struck again in 2022 with Los Morancos, but throughout that year she made two more covers: One to welcome the summer and another to promote Paco Arango's film, whose profits, as she herself said, were intended for the fight against cancer. According to experts, she could have pocketed “about 30,000 euros for each one.”

But if we focus on 2023, which was when Ana surprised with the arrival of her granddaughter, the numbers are monumental. According to the agency that managed to capture the first image of Ana, in Miami leaving the hospital in a wheelchair with her newborn granddaughter, the actress did not charge anything because she simply did not know that she had been caught, but the truth is that the photos have a incredible quality so some claimed that Ana had made an agreement. “If so, for that news she could have earned 60,000 euros, but I don't think much more,” tells us a person who knows what the exclusives market is like now. Two weeks later, it was time to pose. Ana introduced Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón at her house in Miami. A highly anticipated carrier, for which according to “TardeAR”, the biologist managed to charge around 100,000 euros. Before the end of April, Ana appeared on another cover of Hola!, another 100,000 to add, according to the program presented by Ana Rosa Quintana. After her we had to wait until August to see her again, posing. “I don't think that cover would reach 50,000 euros,” they tell us. And the last one, so far, of the baptism that took place just a few weeks ago, and which has been published to have cost at most 30,000 euros. Even so, this results in a sum of 280,000 euros in exclusives without counting “the bust” of the hospital. And only in 2023. A money that the foundation has not seen a penny of to date and that is far from the between 30 and 50,000 euros that it contributed to create it.

But in addition, Obregón has made several television programs. The first was with Bertín Osborne, in 2022, where he spoke for the first time on television about the loss of his son. For that program they say that he could have pocketed around 50,000 euros. And then it was a sum and goes on. He had previously made Mask Singer, a space on Antena 3 through which the most reputable celebrities in our country pass, and through which they say they pocket a good amount that they have not been able to specify for us. “It's difficult to know. Each character is a world and carries out a negotiation with their representative,” they point out. This year we have also seen it with Joaquín, on the same network, and at the same time, In the musical of your life. In addition, she was Ana Rosa Quintana's guest star on her evening debut. A lot of money so that, for the moment, there is no trace in the foundation, right?