Ana Obregón uses Rocío Carrasco to defend herself against criticism and the networks burn: “Disgusting”

The theme of the week has taken a turn this Thursday and has become even more complicated. As? With Rocio Carrasco in the middle. Ana Obregon She has echoed some messages on social networks defending her from all the criticism and controversy that she has caused in recent days and in one of them they point directly against the former de Antonio David Flores.

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“I am fed up that Ana Obregón is being tried for having fulfilled the last will of her son and having brought her granddaughter into the world and they have torn their clothes for two years with Rocío Carrasco, who has accused a man of abusive when seven judges found no evidence of crime and as a mother she has exposed her daughter as a criminal to the whole of society, consenting to her being pointed out and destroyed. Let Ana be happy,” says a user.

A message that Obregón has not written but has shared on his social networks and he has not done it by chance. And it is that the actress does not have a very good relationship with Rocío Carrasco since she blurted out the famous “Dog not like a dog” with which she responded to criticism from Alessandro Lequio to his documentary, implying that the Italian count has a lot in common with his ex, whom he accuses of ill-treatment despite no judge agreeing with him.

The fuchsia tide has not taken long to react and turn Rocío Carrasco into a Trending Topic this Thursday, calling Ana Obregón “scoundrel”, “dirty” and “harmful”.