Ana Obregón turns a deaf ear to an important request from Alessandro Lequio about her granddaughter

the silence of Alessandro Lequiowhat He takes refuge in Galicia with his wifeafter becoming the little girl’s grandfather Ana Sandra it’s revealing. Although the count said at first that he knew “everything” about the decision of Ana Obregon24 hours later, he qualified that “I am learning things that I did not know.”

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As we publish, the Italian repeatedly asked the actress not to carry out the process and she went ahead. “With all the personal affection and the utmost professional respect, I hope you understand that I am not going to say anything about this topic. Not now or ever. I have expressed my opinion on surrogacy on several occasions, but today it would be understood in only one sense and it is absurd. That’s how I’m going to stay”, were Lequio’s last words before “disappearing” from the media spotlight.

But once the girl is born, Alessandro’s anger with his ex-wife would have increased due to one more request to which he has turned a deaf ear. As he revealed Marisa Martín-Blázquez this saturday in Fiesta, Lequio “does not want” Ana Sandra “to bear his last name”. “For the last name, I should have asked Lequio for permission and I understand that she has not given her approval,” said the journalist.

Nevertheless, Aurelio Manzano quoted the conversation he had with Ana Obregón to clarify this issue: “Ana told me ‘everything is done correctly and legally’. That girl, her father is a Lequio, her father’s name is Aless Lequio. Alessandro Lequio has nothing to do with it here.”

“In the United States that girl will be called Ana.S Lequio-Obregón because there they only have one last name, unless you ask a judge to have two and then they add a hyphen. In Spain she will have both names and two last names,” added the contributor.