Ana Obregón tried to commit suicide after Aless died and Lequio saved her: “It was my only option”

Ana Obregon tried to commit suicide after the death of his son Aless in 2020. The actress, after hours hugging the lifeless body of her son and having the toilets tear it from her arms, looked out on the balcony of the seventh floor of her apartment in Barcelona with the determination to commit suicide. The appearance of her ex-husband, Alessandro Lequioand the scream reminding her of a promise made to her son, when she was already hanging on the other side of the balcony, saved the life of the presenter.

These are the impressive revelations that are included in the book The boy with the shrewswritten by 68-year-old Ana Obregón, which went on sale this Wednesday and also includes 20 pages of reflections from her son Aless, who died of cancer in 2020.

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“Jumping into the abyss was my only option to continue living. Your father does not know that your last decision saved my life.” These are the shocking confessions that can be read on the pages of the book, where she describes the exact day and events on which Ana wanted to leave with her son.

The suicide attempt is told in the “epilogue”, where the hours after the death of Aless at only 27 years of age are recounted, and like that day, May 13, 2020, already alone in the apartment in Barcelona where she had lived through the last months of her son’s illness, the actress couldn’t take it anymore.

As has been written, after reading an emotional post that Aless had not had time to post on Instagram, the storm of emotions took her to the balcony to meet her son. “I had everything planned to the millimeter for twenty-four hours. If my son died before me, I would not suffer for a second: I would go with him.” The decision “was firm”, she explains herself in the epilogue.

“I stood on the railing, which was not very high,” he recounts and adds, “jumping into the abyss was my only option to continue living,” Ana thought. When her legs were already placed on the other side of the fence and her arms trembling about to let go of the balcony support, that’s when they knocked on the door. It was Alessandro Lequio, who was in the living room with the Obregón sisters, Celia y Amalia. “Ana… Ana… Open the door, for God’s sake”, he yelled desperately.

Always according to the published story, at that moment she already had one foot dangling and was ready to jump. However, some words from her son’s father made him reconsider and react: “You have something important to do. Do you remember what Aless asked us, her last will?”

That reminder was what got Aless’s mother out of despair, who at that moment verbalized her promise: “I’ll do it, Aless!” “I took a deep breath. I tried to calm down, slowly pulling back the leg that was hanging out of her to place it back on the balcony floor and I entered the room trembling,” Ana details as she finally declined to end her life.

This is how Aless Lequio’s mother admits that she was about to commit suicide, and her ex-husband saved her. And she also tells why against all odds, and any ethical or legal obstacle, has come to the world Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón.