Ana Obregón, to her son: “I wish you were alive to enjoy the success of your book and your daughter”

Ana Obregon posted another post this Friday afternoon addressed to Aless Lequio. A week and a half ago, the 68-year-old presenter published the book that her son finished writing, The boy with the shrewswhere he maintains that the last will of his son, not yet confirmed by Alessandro Lequiowas to have offspring even after death.

It continues to be the best-selling book in major stores and online outlets. As Obregón explained, the profits from the copyright will go to his son’s foundation, which raises money for cancer research. “My Aless: I wish you were alive to enjoy the success of your book and your much desired daughter”, has written the protagonist of Ana and the 7 at the beginning of your post.

Obregón has sentenced: “I hope there is a direct line with heaven where only words pronounced with love reach. Because as you said: ‘Everything you do in this life with love has an echo in eternity.’ We miss you infinitely “.

The presenter of What do we bet? resorted to a surrogate in Miami to have little Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón because in Spain it is illegal. The girl came into the world on March 20 and, after the photos of Obregón leaving the Memorial Regional Hospital, in a wheelchair and with the little girl in her arms, several debates were opened: the morality of using the body of another woman in exchange for financial compensation, one of them.

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The age of the actress, 68, to start taking care of a creature, another debate. In addition, Ana herself has implied that little brothers could come for Anita. After losing her only biological child three years ago, there are those who also question her psychological state to become the legal mother of a baby. “A light full of love came to my darkness. I will never be alone again. I have lived again,” were Obregón’s first words after the news broke. Two weeks before becoming a mother again, she said phrases like: “I’m already dead, I don’t feel anything.”