Ana Obregón shares unpublished images of her granddaughter and the networks explode: “Is it necessary to expose her so much?”

The actress drools over little Anita, the daughter-granddaughter gestated with the sperm of Aless that this Monday has completed three weeks of life. To celebrate, the proud grandmother has shared two new images of the girl sleeping peacefully in her crib and has dedicated a beautiful message to her: “Happy three weeks of life, my Anita!!!! Today you are 3 weeks old and we have celebrated by visiting your pediatrician so elegant. Everything in pink. You are healthy and with 4 kg, you are a glutton and your father from heaven and I love you infinitely, “he wrote Ana Obregon.

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The publication has received hundreds of comments in just a few minutes, many of them from familiar faces who congratulate Ana on her precious baby, such as Paula Echevarría (“How precious she is”), Eva González (“Ayyyyy, how edible!”), Paloma Cuevas (“What a beauty! How much love!”) or Carmen Lomana (“What a precious little thing”).

Many others, however, criticize Obregón for exposing the little girl and remind her that it was precisely her who fought, side by side with the defender of minors Javier Urra, so that the media would pixelate the faces of minors and thus preserve their image: “But weren’t you the one who asked the Ombudsman for Minors not to publish the faces of minors? Oh, of course, here it is for money…”, “I don’t think it is necessary to display it so much on networks” , “Don’t you think that exposing that baby so much to the media and the public is excessive?”, “Now that everything is known, you should give the subject privacy. It is not necessary to post photos of her every day”, ” Don’t expose her so much, you fought so hard to get the kids’ faces pixelated”…