Ana Obregón reveals when her granddaughter Ana Sandra’s baptism will be: “I’m trying on the little dress”

Ana Obregon continues to demonstrate its involvement in the fight against cancer. This was confirmed this Tuesday at the Elle Cancer Ball charity gala, where she attended to present an award for World Breast Cancer Day, which is celebrated on October 19. At the Teatro Real, the presenter spoke to the press about the importance of researching this disease, although she also had time to mention Ana Sandrahis granddaughter, who has restored his hope.

“Thank you for supporting this event, anything to fight cancer is not enough, so thank you for being here. It is the first day I have gone out in six months, since my daughter was born, but I wanted to be here,” the actress, 68 years old.

The biologist confessed that she felt “very sad” for not being with the little girl: “It’s the first night I’ve gone out in six months.” However, she felt that she could not miss the event, a very important event for her. “Last year they awarded me for my son’s foundation and this year I come to present this award,” she said.

Visibly excited, Obregón said that Ana Sandra “is dying.” “She has given me life,” she said before revealing the date of her baptism, which “will be in December so that her godfather can be there,” who will be one of her best friends. Alessio Lequio, Justin. The actress’s son met the young man when he was studying in the United States. “We are waiting for you,” she said excitedly.

At the moment, the interpreter is already closing some details of the celebration. “I’m trying the little dress, to see if it goes well,” she revealed, since lately she is “focused on saving lives and the baby.” “I’m happy,” she said.

Furthermore, the protagonist of Ana and the 7 celebrated the good reception it has received The Shrew Boy. “I’m not going to say how much, but the book that my son wrote and I finished is one of the best sellers of the year, all my work as an author and hers goes to the Aless Lequio foundation. We have raised a lot of money,” she celebrated.