Ana Obregón, on a walk through Miami with Susana Uribarri and a 3,000-euro Christian Dior: “I have left my mourning”

Ana Obregon She has received these days the visit of her representative and best friend, Susana Uribarri, in Miami. The two already spoke for the Telecinco cameras in the special that was broadcast, without audience success, last Friday, but, as a review of the moments they have shared together, the 68-year-old presenter has once again resorted to Instagram.

His messages no longer express only the immense pain he feels for the death of Aless Lequiothree years ago, but now he speaks of joy and happiness for the arrival in the world of Ana Sandra Lequio Obregónhis daughter-granddaughter born by surrogacy and the semen of his deceased son.

“What an illusion the visit of my soulmate Susana and her beautiful daughter, Carlota, has made me. I admit that it has been difficult for them to tear me away from home and leave my princess for a few hours. Always together. I love you very much,” wrote the protagonist of Ana and the 7 on the night of this Monday. For years they were separated by the love of the Polish Darek, although friendship finally prevailed above all else.

Ana added, once again, speaking more about herself than about Aless or the child born just over a month ago: “By the way, after three years I have left my mourning, only black and white, because my heart felt that way. Now Anita has arrived and with her she has brought all the colors of the rainbow into my life.”

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Obregón, who asks for money for cancer research through his son’s foundation, wore an XL Christian Dior bag valued at 3,000 euros for this walk. He completed the outfit with oversized sunglasses and a colorful floral print dress. Ana has not left behind the striking outfits to which she has accustomed us all our lives and which, on occasions, are within the reach of few pockets due to the exclusive firms that she chooses.

To have little Ana Sandra, she resorted to surrogacy, an illegal method in Spain. In figures, Lectures published that the actress would have paid around 170,000 euros, of which only 35,000 went to the surrogate mother. The girl, Obregón’s legal daughter, was born on March 20 at Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami.

Ana, in her book, supported the version that this was one of Aless’s last three wills: “Mom, dad. If something happens to me, remember the sample I left in the laboratory in New York. I want to have children, although I’m gone. It’s my wish. Promise me you’re going to do it. Please”. Informalia He already revealed that the young entrepreneur, who died on May 13, 2020 at the age of 27, appointed Carolina Monje, his girlfriend, as the recipient of the samples and that she finally renounced them through a notary.