Ana Obregón, mother of a girl by surrogacy three years after the death of her son Aless

On May 13, 2020, Ana Obregon suffered the hardest blow that life could give him: the death of his son Aless. Her death left her completely devastated and, since then, the loss has not given her a break: a year later her mother Ana (95) died, and last September she said goodbye to her father, Antonio Garcia (96). But Ana, at 68, has managed to recover the desire to move on and has found a reason to smile again: a daughter.

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As reported by the magazine Hola, the actress has resorted to surrogacy to be a mother again. The baby, who is a girl, was born in Miami and Ana Obregón has traveled there these days to take care of everything. The images show the actress leaving the clinic with the girl in her arms and visibly emotional.