Ana Obregón makes Lequio ugly so that he does not come to her house to meet her granddaughter

Hairdressing, hair color touch-ups, details with the press, some chocolate cakes on behalf of little Ana Sandra… Ana Obregón, recently landed in Madrid from Miami, is in promotional mode with the whole world. She prepares for her moment: the presentation to the media of her son’s posthumous book, The shrew boy. In these first words before the Spanish microphones, the actress and presenter has thrown her ex, Lequio, a conciliatory “Alessandro here has the open door” to meet her granddaughter, Ana Sandra. These words come after the Italian has settled this lurid matter with a resounding: “Now is not the time to meet her. There is a lot of noise, and what I want is peace and quiet, relaxation and discretion. I don’t want noise.”

It seems that Ana has felt bad about this refusal from her ex, who closes in on meeting her granddaughter, recently arrived from Miami. Obregón, completely invested body and soul in his little girl, cannot understand this refusal from Alessandro, cast in the ‘no’.

The Italian was, from minute one, in disagreement with this surrogate pregnancy that Ana hired by contributing the semen of her deceased son. “He did not listen to Ana”, that he did “whatever he wanted”. That’s why, “they are so distant”, he slid the environment to The reason.