Ana Obregón has the Aless Lequio Foundation domiciled in her home in La Moraleja

We tell you new information related to the Aless Lequio Foundation after announcing exclusively this Monday that Ana Obregón has not contributed the funds for her exclusives or the book so far The Shrew Boy, like he said he would. The actress herself reacted to our news by admitting that she does not donate all of her exclusives because she now has a mouth to feed, that of Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón. The biologist also said that she already contributed a sum of money to create the foundation, but she has given different versions of the amounts advanced: to some journalists she has spoken of 30,000 euros, to others of 40,000 and to others of 50,000. How contradictory everything is.

This Thursday, in Public mirror, they sent a reporter to the formal headquarters (the actress's house in La Moraleja) and then the same reporter went to Hermosilla Street, in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid. From this last point they have called him from the foundation and have acknowledged that they are not yet installed there, even though it was the place that Obregón spoke about in February of last year during the presentation of the foundation. Act to which, let us remember, he did not attend Alessandro Lequiothe vice president.

The whole truth about the headquarters

The largest contribution to the Foundation so far has come through Manolo Godia, lawyer and good friend of Alessandro Lequio. Through Godia came the donation of four million euros from Aurelio Palomo, who has since died. Sources familiar with the situation and the foundation's accounts tell us that two million were contributed in cash while the other two in the form of two stores.

“I want to thank this wonderful donor, Aurelio Palomo, who one day contacted my close friend Manolo Godia to tell him that he shared Aless's dreams. Thanks to him we have obtained the money (at the moment the only donation), which has allowed us to make Aless's wish come true,” Alessandro wrote on his networks when the foundation was created.