Ana Obregón: from “I have stopped working to take care of Anita” to “my series continues”

As this portal has advanced, the controversies surrounding Ana Obregon after Anita's birth via surrogate has hindered the development of the series that the production company Tell me how it happened announced two years ago about his life. It must be remembered that TVE has already dispensed with the biologist as presenter of Telepassion on Christmas Eve and the Bells. At the beginning of this year, in addition, Informalia He advanced the non-donations of the actress to her son's foundation, which made the controversy surrounding the presenter grow even more.

Obregón, on the other hand, has assured that the series about his life is moving forward: “We have spoken with Ana Obregón and she denies the information. She assures that the project is moving forward and that there is no stoppage nor has it been cancelled”journalist Lorena Vázquez has transmitted in Public mirror after speaking with Aless Lequio's mother.

From Informalia We insist that his biopic is in danger, because sources from the production company insist that the future of the series about his life has become complicated following the controversies that cloud the image of the protagonist of Ana and the 7. The project was announced two years ago, before in March 2023 Obregón revealed his late and controversial 'motherhood' through a surrogate. The project “is not confirmed” to go forwardsources from the Ganga Group point out to Informalia.

“I am returning to television fiction. I am excited to be able to share with everyone that I have decided to return. I have reached an agreement with one of the best production companies in Spain. It was difficult for me to understand that no one was betting on my life, since my only merit is having worked for 40 years on my passion and having shared with all of you for many years an enormous collection of sweet and bitter moments, of lights and shadows,” Obregón said at the time to announce that she was putting her life at the service of a television series that she herself was going to co-write, and foreseeably star, after the pre-agreement signed between her, the Ganga Group and Alfin productions, which is the artist representation agency led by her friend Susana Uribarri.

A few weeks ago and in the midst of controversy over donations to her son's foundation, Ana also said: “She says that we have to be aware that she has stopped working to take care of Ana,” she told Lorena Vázquez. In other words, she said that she had stopped working to take care of Anita. But she also says now that the series about her life, in which she would be involved, is moving forward. So has she stopped working or is she still working?

The Ganga Group, for its part, is focused on other tasks after passing into the hands of the listed company Squirrel Media, which the production company of Miguel Ángel Bernardeau and Ana Duato acquired last year.