Ana Obregón, first days with her daughter at home: with a nanny in an 8,000-euro apartment near Miami Beach

“Alone, alone, alone.” No family and no friends. Such are the early days of Ana Obregon in Miami, together with his daughter, Ana Lequio, the name with which he has registered her, as we have published in the first place. This loneliness, which Sandra Aladro, owner of Gtres, the agency that managed to photograph the actress as she left the Miami clinic, speaks of is a chosen loneliness. She also points out that the person who accompanies Ana on the street “is not a babysitter”, but an assistant at the surrogate motherhood agency, in charge of managing this entire process of surrogacy. It is, specifically, some photographs that she publishes Hola in which Ana is seen with a Maxicosi entering her apartment, near Miami Beach.

Even so, they confirm in Ana Rosa’s program that Ana Obregón has help to raise the little girl. The caretaker is installed in the apartment that the actress and presenter has rented during her stay in Florida. An apartment for which she pays more than 8,000 euros a month, according to Aladro in the Telecinco magazine.

She will need “two months to heal her soul in solitude,” says Beatriz Cortázar, who reports that Susana Uribarri will travel to the US in the next few days to be with her. Aladro advances that “Hola magazine has very extensive material” about the days of the great wait for Ana in Miami. A few days of “nerves” and of being “alone, alone, alone”, he emphasizes.

point from Ana Rosa’s program that the building that Obregón has chosen is the same one in which he lived in 2010, while his son Aless Lequio was studying at the university. In addition, they insist that his return to Spain could be postponed between two and three months.