Ana Obregón explains why she has not given the Aless Lequio Foundation the money for her exclusives: “I auctioned off a bag”

This Tuesday, January 2, Ana Obregon has refuted several journalists and television networks the news published by Informaliathat he has not contributed the funds for his exclusives or the book so far The Shrew Boy to the Aless Lequio Foundation.

The presenter, actress and biologist created this foundation to fulfill one of the last wishes of her son, who died in May 2020. Alessandro Lequio, vice president, has so far obtained the only large donation through a friend. It was four million euros, in addition to an office in the center of Madrid, which is the headquarters of the foundation.

Throughout these months, Ana has reiterated that she created this foundation for cancer research and said at all times that she would allocate the profits from the book and the exclusives sold to magazines to it. Now, after the publication of Informaliahas recognized that not all the proceeds from the exclusives go to the foundation: “I have donated some exclusives. Not all because now I have a mouth to feed”has been transmitted to Lorena Vázquez in Public mirror. She has not specified in which cases she keeps it and in which cases she hands it over. He has not specified the quantities either.

Pepe del Real, on the other hand, also made another argument. She maintains that she already advanced 30,000 euros to create the foundation, so she is keeping the money from the exclusives for the moment to compensate: “As for the money from the exclusives, she tells me that she has not contributed that money yet because she had an advance of 30,000 euros to create the foundation and, in addition, she had raffled off a purse from her mother and a series of donations that she had made. At the moment she says that she has kept the money that she had advanced and that is why she has not deposited the money that remained from the exclusives”.

Obregón talks about a Chanel bag that belonged to her mother, who died in May 2021. She auctioned it for 6,020 euros on October 27 of last year, as she showed on her social networks.

Your exclusives in Hola, of which he has not donated everything to the foundation, have been very well paid and their figure, surely, is much higher than what he earned with the purse and the 30,000 euros initially contributed. Since Anita's birth in March there have been four. The one of her leaving the Miami hospital in a wheelchair (although the actress claims that she is a catch); the exclusive in which Ana Obregón assured that the girl was conceived with the semen of her deceased son; the exclusive in which she told us about her summer in Palma de Mallorca with the little girl in her arms; and the one who arrived on December 20 after the baptism, to which he did not attend Alessandro Lequio.

In all these exclusives Ana has exposed the little girl, which is why she has been highly criticized and questioned on social networks. Lequio Sr., furthermore, has never confirmed that his son's last wish was to have offspring after death. The tension between the two has been more than evident since the birth of the child, in March of last year, via surrogacy. Obregón even pointed out to him this Tuesday that he was allegedly responsible for leaking that he had not donated his exclusive information to the Aless Lequio Foundation.