Ana Obregón delays Ana Sandra’s baptism for a compelling reason: “There are a series of requirements”

“Although another autumn has arrived without you, your daughter’s smile when she wrinkles her nose makes me feel twilight in this evening,” he wrote. Aless Lequio’s mother this weekend on Instagram to welcome fall. Again, Ana Obregon He shared photographs with the little girl on Instagram Anitawho is already on his way to seven months of life.

Since the little girl was born through surrogacy last March, opening an entire national debate, one of the topics that has been put on the table has been the girl’s baptism. Beatriz Cortázar gave new details this Monday on the Sonsoles Ónega program: “There are a series of requirements for this baptism,” the journalist announced.

“Ana has confirmed it to me, it is going to be delayed and it will be celebrated next Christmas, not in September. All because Ana’s wish is that her granddaughter’s godfather be her son’s close friend, Justin. An American boy.” Justin, the friend of the young man who died of cancer, cannot fly to Spain until these important dates, so the religious ceremony is delayed to wait for him.

The journalist has also put on the table the name of Alessandro Lequio: “The girl is American and has papers. Legally she is Ana’s daughter. I don’t know if the girl’s grandfather is going to attend.” Since the actress brought Ana Sandra into the world by surrogate and, according to her, thanks to the semen of her deceased son, the tensions between the two parties have been publicly evident.

Obregón already confirmed in one of his exclusives that Aless’s friend would be the girl’s godfather. At the same time, he revealed who would take care of Anita when she is no longer in this world.