Ana Obregón complains about “this country” because of the criticism she receives: “The kings also expose their children”

Rare is the day or week that Ana Obregon It does not surprise us (surprises to say the least) with new images of little Anita on her social networks. After also exposing her in her friend’s magazine on several occasions in exchange for financial compensation, her opinion is divided between those who support her and those who criticize her for teaching her youngest.

On this matter, he responded in the last few hours after landing in Madrid from Mallorca: “The kings take their children out and… Is that exposing? What country,” he said.

Just a few hours ago, the mother of the deceased Aless Lequio shared a new carousel of images of the minor, who will be six months old on September 20: “Blessed are these Saturdays in which the tears evaporated with your smiles Anita. Blessed are the loves of my life. Aless and Anita. Thank you my dear Susana Uribarri [su representante y mejor amiga]. “I’m dying of love with Anita dressed in your gift.”

The protagonist of Ana and the 7 She is not only questioned for exposing the girl. She also started a big debate when she appeared on the cover of Hola with the little girl in her arms leaving Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami. All because the girl was conceived through the method of surrogacy, illegal in our country, and with the preserved semen of her deceased son. On the other hand, Ana became a mother-grandmother and person responsible for the child at the age of 68. When the presenter reaches her eighties, the little girl will only be about ten years old.