Ana Obregón clarifies if she asked her ex-daughter-in-law to be the mother of her granddaughter after Aless Lequio died

Carolina Monkthe young businesswoman with whom Aless Lequio was in a sentimental relationship when he died, has become one of the key focuses of the controversy over the birth of the granddaughter of Ana Obregon by surrogacy.

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And it is that it transpired that Carolina refused to have a child from her boyfriend after he died a victim of cancer and that this would have been the reason for the estrangement and the end of her friendship with her ex-mother-in-law who only wanted to fulfill “the last Aless’s will, to bring a child of his into the world”.

But Obregón has parked the bottles and from Miami, where he remains with the girl until he resolves the legal procedures to return to Spain, he has spoken about this alleged request that he would have made to his son’s ex-girlfriend.

“Ana Obregón categorically denied me that she had ever intended for Carolina Monje to be the mother of that Aless baby. She categorically denies it. She tells me that the plan was always to follow her son’s wishes,” she says. Javier de Hoyos in Socialite.

In addition, the actress clarifies what her true relationship Carolina is after it was commented on television programs that they did not get along at all after Aless died. “I have always had a very good relationship with Carolina. I was very happy for her wedding and for her, who has the right to rebuild her life,” Ana told the journalist from the Telecinco program.

In addition, María Patiño has confirmed that it is true that there is a good relationship between ex-daughter-in-law and ex-mother-in-law. “I am aware that there is a very recent exchange of messages between Carolina and Ana. There is a current link between Carolina and the Aless foundation because part of the money Carolina earns with her designs goes to the Aless Lequio foundation.”