Ana Obregón and Susana Uribarri: what happened to Darek, the Polish stripper who dynamited their friendship?

There are friends that are for life and that become family. Ana Obregon (68), in full debate about her new surrogate motherhood, and Susana Uribarri (56), designated as a mole by Alessandro Lequio (62), are a clear example of this. However, on his way, not everything has been rosy. love for polish Derek blew up their friendship for a while.

It was the year 2006 when Obregón began to walk hand in hand with a handsome and unknown model named Darek. So the protagonist of Ana and the 7 she received fierce criticism from a society, we could say sexist, that singled her out for dating a man 25 years younger. There was also talk of a possible financial interest of him for her.

Be that as it may, Ana gave everything for that love, just as she did in her previous relationships with the late Fernando Martín, Alessandro Lequio or Davor Suker, among others. The paparazzi were chasing the actress and the model and the photos of the two of them in Madrid and Ibiza were gushing out.

Obregón, after breaking up with him, sat on the Deluxe in 2008 and summed up their relationship like this: “It took me a year to keep it in everything. Until then I didn’t know that love had to be paid for. I never thought I would have to pay anyone. Love is a very pure feeling and there is no need to pay. For me the important thing about people is the interior and he had no money but he told me when I start earning money I’ll pay you what I owe you”.

He also spoke of the moment in which he discovered Darek’s true past: “He told me he was a police officer from anti-terrorist brigades but three months later a friend called me and told me: ‘He’s not Russian, he’s Polish, he’s not a police officer, he dances. Ana is stripper and has been to jail”. Despite everything, Obregón gave him a chance: “I continued with him because not all of us are born with bread under their arms, but as a result of that, other things began that I am not going to talk about.”

However, from absolute dedication to Darek he went to deep disappointment. Not only did she feel betrayed by him, but also by her best friend, Susana Uribarri: “It cost me dearly. She got involved with my best friend but I wish them to be very happy,” the actress confessed. Ana and Darek broke up at the beginning of 2008 after little more than a year of relationship.

Instead, the romance that Darek and Susana began was more lasting. They were together for a total of seven years, until the summer of 2014 when the artist and showbiz representative herself confirmed the final break. During those years, they not only faced criticism for their age difference. Uribarri did everything possible to keep him in the media spotlight and even put him on a program as Splash, celebrities in the water (Antena 3), in which she also took part, cheering on her lover live.

Ana and Susana did not reconcile immediately, neither personally nor professionally. The wound that existed between the two due to these love affairs was deep. It was not until 2016 that their reconciliation was publicly sealed. Then, a header photographed the actress and Uribarri at the exit of the Teatro de La Latina, where the actress represented the play together with Teté Delgado, Fabiola Toledo and Elisa Matilla Hot Flashes Plus.

Professionally, they did not resume ties until later, because until 2018 the actress’ representative was still Amelia Azorín, the mother of actor Eloy Azorín.

However, time has put all the pieces back together. Personally, the daughter of José Luis Uribarri became her best friend again and, unfortunately, in her great cloth of tears after the death of the young Aless Lequio in May 2020. Professionally, Susana also ended up resuming her work of representation. After the loss of Aless, the television networks once again fully trusted the actress. For example, she to re-present RTVE’s Campanadas in Puerta del Sol after not doing it on RTVE since 2004, she in full success of Ana and the 7. Uribarri has been behind all his television appearances in recent years and also his exclusives on Holatalking about the immense pain for Aless and his projects to continue his legacy.

This week, Uribarri has been pointed out directly by Alessandro Lequio as a possible “mole” of Ana’s new motherhood, by surrogacy in Miami. Obregón came out in defense of her and her other great friend, the public relations Raúl Castillo: ” I want to thank you for the thousands of messages of affection for the arrival of this much-desired baby into the world, who has given me back the desire to live. I want to make it clear that my bosom friends, Susana Uribarri and Ra, did not know anything, it is a lie that they did. leaked”. Uribarri also defended himself against the accusations.

Last Wednesday we woke up with the controversial cover of Hola announcing that the biologist had become a surrogate mother, almost three years after the death of her only biological child. Since then, television talk shows and newspaper editorials have opened up on this topic, focusing the debate on the morality of surrogacy, illegal in our country, at the age for artists to start taking care of a child and in his psychological state.

Ana wrote on Instagram: “We got caught! A light filled with love came into my darkness. I will never be alone again. I have lived again.” In addition to the loss of the young entrepreneur at the age of 27, Obregón also mourned the death of his mother, Ana María Obregón, in May 2021 and that of his father, Antonio García, in September of last year.

As for Darek, the media interest in him dropped considerably as the years went by. Despite everything, he continues to be part of Uribarri’s staff. He has 42,000 followers on Instagram, although he hasn’t posted anything on the wall for almost a year. When the young Aless Lequio passed away, he sent Ana a message of encouragement: “It’s a tragedy. She’s had a very bad time and it’s a shame (…) She’s strong and she has a family. But it’s a very complicated situation and very hard for anyone else. One can be strong, but in a situation like this, no matter how strong you are… I don’t know,” he confessed to the media.