Ana Obregón and her bodyguard: moves with an escort in Miami after receiving intimidating messages

the stay of Ana Obregon in Miami it is not being all the sweet that has been said. The actress is the victim of threats and has received intimidating messages after it was revealed just over a month ago that she had been a mother by surrogacy in Florida. The situation has led the actress to hire security services. The chosen escort is familiar to the actress, as published by the magazine Week this Wednesday, and there is a bond that unites them.

Let us remember that after learning that she had resorted to a surrogate to make her own son who died three years ago a father, the country was divided among those who praised her decision to fulfill what she assures was her last wish. Aless Lequio; and those who expressed forceful opinions against such an unusual decision.

But there have also been users who wished the presenter the worst of ills and that Ana Obregón has taken some of these messages seriously and has considered them a real threat. That is why she has resorted to a bodyguard to ensure her safety.

In Miami, where she is currently residing, she is not as well known as in Spain, but the permanent presence of cameras and reporters behind her has made her noisy maternity generate enough media noise to attract attention in the US where many people have already realized the high level of their purchasing power.

Ana Obregón has therefore been forced to make the decision to spend what is necessary to guarantee her safety and especially that of her little girl. Ana Sandra Lequio, whom, let’s not forget, Ana Obregón herself has put in the pillory of fame, starring in up to three covers in the first days of the baby’s life.