Ana Obregón also announced that her collaborations with brands would go to the foundation: “Misleading advertising?”

Ana Obregon Not only did he announce that the profits obtained from his exclusives or his book would go to the Foundation Aless Lequio. On social networks she has been advertising cosmetic products from LaCabine, a company with which he collaborates, for some time, and ensuring that sales would translate into donations for the institution.

Obregón states in her Instagram posts that, as brand ambassador, “all” profit would go to the foundation, dedicated to cancer research. “Collaborating with LaCabine makes me very excited,” she reported in a post from Mallorca this past summer. Many others joined this.

These statements were analyzed this Tuesday on Antena 3, where the journalist and presenter Gema López has even commented that Obregón could be doing “false advertising” not only with his exclusives and the book about his son, but also with the collaborators with LaCabinecosmetic products company.

“If I sell a product that is a cream and I say that the money goes to the foundation, there has to be transparency. We will speak with a lawyer to find out to what extent Ana is responsible for misleading advertising,” said López, giving way to lawyer Sylvia Córdoba, curiously former judge of the National Court Santiago Pedraz. “The person who makes a donation or buys a book does not have access to those accounts. If there was a case of embezzlement, the employer could be reported,” the lawyer pointed out.

Alessandro Lequio, in defense of the foundation, but not of Ana

For his part, Alessandro Lequio, who vice-president of the foundation, has once again vindicated the work of said institution this Tuesday: “They are talking about the foundation as if it were the Red Cross with buildings all over the world. And at the moment ours is a young, humble foundation, with only one part-time employee. We are very careful not to waste a single euro of the foundation because the foundation has a very clear purpose“.

Of course, he puts Obregón in the center of the target because, he insists, Ana's accounts are Ana's and the foundation's are those of the foundation. Far from coming to the defense of her ex, he said: “The foundation is a young foundation, but healthy with very clear accounts. Another thing is the commitment that Ana has publicly acquired. I don't know if he has done it or not. The desires and wills of each one are the desires and wills of each one, She may have changed her mind at a given moment, but it's her thing. At the foundation we are doing our work.” And he concluded: “I don't know if Ana has fulfilled the commitments she has made publicly. It's a moral question of yours“.