Ana Obregon He prepares against the clock for his granddaughter's baptism Ana Sandra. The actress is busy with everything surrounding the event: from trying on the little dress that the nine-month-old will wear to the search for an emergency godfather. Justin, the one she had in mind, one of Aless Lequio's best friends, lives in the United States and I couldn't be in Madrid this December for the ceremony.

It was initially said that Ana Sandra He would wear the skirt that some members of the Borbón family used to receive the baptismal waters, the one with which he was baptized. Juan Carlos I, the same one that Alessandro Lequio and María Palacios used to christen their daughter Ginevra Ena on November 19, 2016, in the chapel of the family palace of Torlonia, in Rome, on Via Bocca di Leone, between Via Condotti and Via Frattina, near Spain Square. The skirt was first used on January 26, 1938 at the baptism of Don Juan Carlos de Borbón, who received the baptismal waters from the hands of Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (later Pope Pius XII), in the chapel of the Magistral Palace of the Knights of the Order of Malta, near the Torlonia palace.

Ana Sandra will not wear the same skirt worn not only by King Juan Carlos, but Felipe VI and his sisters, the Infantas Elena and Cristina de Borbón, and their respective children: Froilán and Victoria Federica; Juan, Pablo, Miguel and Irene Urdangarin; and the Princess of Asturias, Leonor, and Infanta Sofía. Ana Sandra will not wear the Bourbon Christian dress, one of the best preserved family relics, made of beige linen fabric with an overlay, Valenciennes lace, hand-embroidered lace with flower garlands and satin ribbons.

However Alessandro Lequio He has said that his son Aless did not use it either. Aless wore at her baptism a skirt that came from the Obregón family, not yours. Lequio has been summoned to the ceremony, which will be very intimate and familiar, but he has declined the invitation. The aristocrat, second cousin of King Juan Carlos, does not know Ana Sandra and still does not want to meet her. His purpose is not to enter Ana's game. He prefers to stay out of it and respect the memory of her son, since He is not aware that Aless had any desire to have children after his death, as Ana Obregón maintains on the contrary. Lequio, in his speech, became fed up and referred to Obregón's lies and the commercialization of his pain: “There are other ways to make money,” He said when Obregón called him as a witness of his son's alleged desire to be a father after he died.

In fact, this supposed wish supports everything carried out by the actress and biologist to become Ana Sandra's mother-grandmother, justifying her decisions as the fulfillment of a wish that no one corroborates: neither Aless's father, nor Carolina Monje, the one who was the deceased's girlfriend; Nor has any document been exhibited that supports Ana Obregón's claims. Everything is based on the word of Ana Obregón, a woman who has gone so far as to state publicly and seriously that her son called her on her cell phone two years after she died: “There are witnesses,” she said.

Obregón said in the first days of the media maelstrom after learning of the birth and circumstances of Ana Sandra's arrival into the world, exclusive included, which Lechia He was delighted with his granddaughter and that she would be at the baptism. Then, little by little, we began to learn the reality: the Italian did not want to know anything about the whole mess and he repeated that his family was his wife and his daughter.

After the months, Ana Obregón has returned to the topic of the baptism. She has talked about the month of December to celebrate her granddaughter's baptism, but she has been evasive about specifying a date, she has surely agreed on an exclusive with her trusted magazine, perhaps a charity exclusive for the foundation she has created to research cancer and named after his son

But to the writing of Informalia we get the news that it will be the Friday 15th of this Decemberprobably in the church of Our Lady of La Moraleja, the same one where the funeral for Aless Lequio, on June 30, 2020. Ana Obregón could dress with a nod to the memory of her son, wearing the clothes she wore on the day of her baptism. This is said among people close to her, although we have not been able to confirm it and there is always the possibility that Ana, as in so many matters, changes her mind.

Perhaps we have committed a spoiler by revealing the date of Ana Sandra's baptism. Maybe we've ruined the exclusive. It is possible that Obregón would then immediately urgently look for another church. But the guests who were invited confirm that this is the date and that everyone is very excited. Let us remember that, as Joaquín Prat said, Ana Obregón kept Ana Sandra hidden to preserve the exclusive.