Ana Obregón, ‘against’ Carolina Monje: remarks in her book that it was not the great love in Aless’s life

As we have been counting these days, the relationship between Ana Obregon y Carolina Monk It cooled and worsened as a result of the actress’s decision to become a grandmother with a surrogate and the semen of her deceased son, three years ago.

This Wednesday April 19 has been launched The boy with the shrews with 72 pages written by the young entrepreneur and more than two hundred by Ana narrating her son’s painful illness.

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Throughout these pages, we find references to the young entrepreneur’s girlfriend. Among them, a dispute between Ana and Carolina that Aless himself picked up in a passage. In another of the chapters, Ana herself rescues a love letter written by her son and which she herself defines as “the most beautiful love letter I have ever read in my life”.

In the letter, Aless talks about a love she never knew: “I’m writing to you because I don’t know you. If I knew you, my computer keys would have so much dust accumulated that my sentences would be nonsense, but that’s not the case. Today my words are eloquent. I live anchored to the possibility of meeting you, but I don’t know if I will do it in the rest of my life.”

He continued: “I hope these words can create a little piece of reality so that I can take the pen to bed thinking that at least it exists in my imagination. Inside of me. I have cancer, but worst of all, I am afraid. I no longer know if any One day I will be able to feel how you are and what we could become, but what I can do now, at this very moment, is convey how you are not and, therefore, get a little closer to the idea of ​​what you would be. I know you are not the love of my life, because you would be the whole life, because we would be one, because it would be forever.”

Ana, after exposing her son’s letter in the book, draws a conclusion: “That love that never existed because the bloody cancer stole the time to find it. Is there anything more enigmatic than a lifelong love without a name of its own? “.

And he ends: “I hope where you are asleep you dream of everything you could not live. Tell me, please, so that I can feel a moment of peace, if at least in your dreams that love appeared and that it sleeps next to you in eternity “.

Ana Obregon and Carolina Monje

According to the actress, she finally used the sperm that the young man would have left in New York to have the little girl Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón by surrogacy in Miami, where this method is legal: “Mom, dad? If something happens to me, remember the sample I left in the laboratory in New York. I want to have children, even if I’m gone. Is that my wish? Promise me that you are going to do it? Please,” Obregón collects in his book.

However, there are other versions. As we advance in Informalia, Aless designated Carolina as the recipient of his samples and she, after his death, signed a document before a notary renouncing the sperm of Ana Obregón’s son. At no time did Aless ask his girlfriend to be a mother in the future with her sperm. However, he did donate the deposited samples to her in case she wanted to use them. Our sources agree in differentiating both things: Obregón’s son never conveyed to his girlfriend that he wanted her to conceive a being with his semen, he only left it to her in case, in the future, at her free choice, she freely took the decision to do it.

According to very close sources, the relationship between Ana and Carolina grew tense and cooled as the days passed without the son of the Italian count and it was reduced to issues related to the foundation, since the young woman wanted to help financially through the sale of your clothes. There are even rude messages from the actress to Carolina in moments of outburst, which Monje did not enter thinking about the immense pain he felt for the death of a son.

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This Easter, surprisingly, Carola received a message of peace from the presenter from Miami, in which she even encouraged her to meet little Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón when she returned to Spain, perhaps to approach positions with her and continue counting on the public silence he has maintained to date.