Ana Obregón acknowledges that she does not donate all the money from her exclusives to the Aless Lequio Foundation: “I have a mouth to feed”

Informalia announced exclusively this Monday, January 1, that Ana Obregon To date, he has not contributed the funds for his exclusives or the book The Shrew Boy to the Aless Lequio Foundation. The actress has already reacted to the information given by this portal, recognizing that not all the money from her exclusives goes to the foundation because she has a mouth, that of Anita Lequiowhat to feed.

It must be remembered that the presenter assured that she created this foundation for cancer research and said at all times that she would allocate the profits from the book, as well as the exclusives sold to magazines. The actress has also participated this year in programs on different television networks.

Ana Obregón, after reading our news, denies the information and says that it has been published “to do harm” but at the same time she acknowledges that she does not donate all the money from her exclusives to the Aless Lequio Foundation without specifying in which cases she keeps it and in which she gives it away or in what amounts.

“Ana is very surprised. When we passed the published news to her, she directly said that I was amazed and believed that it was news simply to hurt“, Lorena Vázquez said this Tuesday in Public mirror after contacting her. The biologist, who declares herself “hallucinated” by what was published in Informaliauses this argument to explain that she keeps part of the exclusive money for herself: “I have donated some exclusives. Not all because now I have a mouth to feed”Obregón has transmitted to Vázquez.

Since the birth of Ana Lequio Obregón in March of last year, we have seen the exclusive of the mother – grandmother leaving the Miami hospital in a wheelchair (although the actress claims that she is a catch); the exclusive in which Ana Obregón assured that the girl was conceived with the semen of her deceased son; the exclusive in which she told us about her summer in Palma de Mallorca with the little girl in her arms; and the one that arrived on December 20 after the baptism, to which Alessandro Lequio did not attend. All very well paid, they tell us.

The Italian count, furthermore, has never confirmed that his son's last wish was to have children after he died and, except for the testimony of Obregón (his father called her Antoñita La Fantástica), nothing proves that the girl is actually his. Aless.

Obregón also asks that we be pious with her: “She says that we have to be aware that she has stopped working to take care of Ana”Lorena Vázquez has reiterated about the actress, who has not stopped appearing on television and magazines since the death of her son in May 2020.

The reaction of the publisher and the foundation

As we published, this digital has had access to documentation according to which in fiscal year 2023, these amounts have not been contributed from either the exclusives or the book, despite being “very well paid” poses and interviews, they tell us. ; and that the book was a best-seller and launched several editions. “We are not aware that funds from Ana Obregón have reached the Foundation in 2023,” a source familiar with the accounts insisted.

The largest contribution to the Foundation came through a friend of Alessandro Lequio, vice president of the foundation, as confirmed by the Italian. That amount was four million euros, including an office in the center of Madrid, which has a great value, and is the headquarters of the foundation. In addition, other smaller amounts have been contributed that are used to finance projects such as those described in the objectives, that is, research to fight cancer.

From the publisher of The Shrew BoyHarperCollins, admit that it is true that “Until now” no funds have been transferred from the sale of the book. They hide the conditions of the contract arguing that “it is confidential” but they explain that “no advance has been paid” and that “in March” the money will be paid “directly to the Aless Lequio Foundation, without going through Ana Obregón.”

“They have told us that the closing of accounts is until March 2024. In March 2024, what has been earned with this book will go directly to the foundation's accounts. It will not go through Ana. What they earn from the book will go to the foundation “, summarized Laura Fa after contacting the publisher.

Furthermore, the foundation has not made it easy for journalists. They don't know, they don't answer: “The first thing we did was call the foundation. It has been difficult for us to get in touch. There is no direct telephone. You have to contact us by email. They told us that they couldn't tell us anything, that they were not authorized, that we should try to talk to some of the foundation's trustees. They have not given us the phone number either, but they have given us two contacts by email. We have sent the questions to emails to see if the foundation's trustees would answer us but they have not.“.