Ana María Aldón: ten phrases to bury a marriage

Ana Maria AldonLike most viewers, she was shocked to see her husband’s interview with Anna Quintana: “My semen is still strong. Let’s go for the girl!”. The former greengrocer has already reacted and, without mincing words, she has once again publicly shown the disappointment she feels for Jose Ortega Cano.

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Ana María’s headlines this Wednesday made it clear that there is no possible reconciliation for her, no matter how much the right-hander wants: “Lack of coherence between what is said and what is done, in what is made public and what is lived in private. Quite a lack of consistency,” he noted in Fiesta.

The designer, who saw the interview live from another room in Mediaset, gave the killer the lace (and not only because of the semen scene): “There are other moments that I felt ashamed, embarrassed… I’d like to relive it because I’ve tried to soften and be human.”

Ana María also pointed out that Ortega Cano has not yet deigned to apologize to him in private, although at this point, after everything that drags his marriage, he does not consider it necessary either: “I don’t need anything anymore. I have said it actively and passively, that I do not ask for and do not need anything, not anymore… I have said it many times…”.

On the Emma García program they showed her again the embarrassing moment of Ortega Cano talking about her semen and she reacted in the worst way: “I don’t want to see that… I don’t want to see it. The first injured in the unfortunate phrase or request he made is him… And I don’t like to see him suffer either…”.

Apparently, Ortega has also not apologized for his statements about semen, something he did do publicly in front of the buses waiting for him on the street: “He realized it late, and when he realized it he felt bad, I think He has not forgiven me, he has publicly apologized to anyone who may have offended, especially women, like me, who is also a woman. Ana María is very hurt by the famous phrase: “That phrase there is not affectionate, I do not understand that for affection, I understand it more as a bad joke“.

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On the other hand, the shadow of Rocío Jurado in Ortega Cano still torments her: “I have been very generous for a long time in the aspect that she has left a big mark on everyone and I have not tried to erase anyone’s footprint. I don’t want to erase anyone’s footprint. But I do want my mark to stay. If I step and it doesn’t stay with the passage of time you realize…”.

read alsoAna María Aldón, collapsed and with eyes wide open after Ortega Cano and the semen: “Let each one take their path”

In this sense, she added disappointed: “If my husband thinks that a woman who has had great in his life is much more than the one he has now, perhaps the one you have now is not in the right place“.

Judging by his words, his marriage seems to be at a point of no return: “I had so little support that now, even though it’s complicated, I’m strong and I’ll know how to get out of this without hurting him. Very ugly things have had to happen for him to have clear ideas…”.

As if that were not enough, with a great headline she made it clear that she does not need Ortega Cano’s semen to become a mother again: “I would like to be a mother again but alone. I would love to do what Toñi Moreno has done, I am at an age that is now or never. We’re both from Sanlúcar, why can she and I can’t?”. Nice way to settle the marriage? Let’s see how long the soap opera lasts…