Ana María Aldón suffers a spectacular accident and spends the night in the emergency room

The still woman Ortega Cano has reappeared this Sunday on the set of Fiesta after spending the night in the emergency room due to a “spectacular accident” that he suffered at home and that caused “a rupture of fibers in the quadriceps rectum”.

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“I was alone rehearsing in the living room, I picked up the rug to have more space and, when I went to see how the puree I was making for my husband was, I tripped over the rug,” she explained. Ana Maria Aldon.

“I started screaming like crazy. It was 9:00 p.m. at night and he was at home. José was very scared, we were very scared. I knew I had broken something,” added the ex-fruit lover, who is already more recovered .

Era socialite who set off the alarms about the designer’s state of health in the early afternoon: “He was leaving in a wheelchair with Ortega Cano. He had a bad face, he was like fainting. You could tell that he was also worried.”

Later, at the beginning of Fiesta, Emma Garcia extended the information: “At about 9:00 p.m., Ana Maria Aldon He was cooking and suffered a spectacular accident for which he had to go to the emergency room. This morning she was having discomfort again and was going back to the doctor.”

Hours before, Aldón had shown himself quite well before the media. In fact, he went with the bullfighter to watch the soccer game of the son they have in common, Jose Maria. From the stands, both shared laughter and complicity despite being immersed in the divorce process.