Ana María Aldón reveals her delicate heart problem: “I’m having a very bad time”

Ana María Aldón He is in a sweet moment due to his commitment to Eladio But not everything is happiness. After failing to resolve the continuous clashes with his daughter Gema Aldonthe ex-wife of José Ortega Cano He acknowledged this Thursday on Telecinco that he suffers from a heart condition.

“I’m having a very bad time and I’ve been having a bad time for a long time. I have a heart problem, I don’t tell you about it and it’s affecting me,” he said on the set of Emma Garcia to the surprise of her colleagues, who were not aware of the collaborator’s health problem.

Likewise, Ana María has stressed that she has been facing this health problem for several years. “I have had a heart problem since I was pregnant with my son. I sometimes find myself with my heart rate at 180 or I have it at 43. They give me a pounding and I don’t know what to do. I should go for check-ups, which I have stopped. I don’t I can be like this,” he acknowledged before the incredulous gaze of his companions.

As the Sanluqueña has stated, the confrontations with her daughter Gema mean that her health problem is not solved.

Ana María Aldón, engaged to Eladio

Ana María Aldón, José Ortega Cano’s second wife, announced on September 18 that she is remarrying. Her fiancé, Eladiotook advantage of a phone call to the program in which Ana María works to declare his unconditional love and dare to propose.

Far from a great display, Ortega Cano’s ex preferred simplicity to show the great unconditional love they have for each other and how happy they are to have found each other on the road. “You are Wonderful,” said a lover of her, Eladio, announcing that he could spend the rest of her life with her and even get married, a proposal that he ended up making live.