Ana María Aldón challenges the Ortega Cano family: “If they attack me we will distribute hosts, I am not going to take them all”

Ortega Cano’s still wife premiered this Monday on the set of Save me to talk about his already confirmed divorce. Ana María Aldón, who has had a small hookup with Jorge Javier Vázquez in the middle of an interview, carries peace as a flag in the process they face but warns: if she is attacked, she will respond.

Has been Kiko Jimenez Gloria Camila’s ex, the one who has warned Ana Maria Aldon: “They’re going to go after you, they’re going to beat you up and try to make you feel bad,” he told her. She has been blunt: “If they attack me, we will all distribute hosts, because I am not going to eat them all myself.” It will be (if she is) later, because this Monday Aldón has been polite, calm and very peaceful. So much so that she has even confronted the presenter, that she has called Ortega Cano “cowardly and ridiculous”: “Don’t insult him in my presence, I won’t allow it.”

The guest has revealed that she has not spoken to any member of the family for months Ortega Cano (“No one has called me, not even to ask me about the child I was in charge of this summer”) and that she is hurt by Lequio’s comments, who stated that Aniceto and company want the divorce to take place quickly because they don’t want her as a widow: “That seems very ugly to me, the first because we are talking about the father of my son and I hope he enjoys it for many years, and the second because I don’t want to be anyone’s widow. If they say it for him money, as I think, don’t worry because I’m not a trincona”, he answered. “In any case, I’m used to these ugly: they already asked me for a paternity test for my son, they demanded the separation of property at the wedding…”. And she points out: “If I had wanted to profit from all this, I would have done it a long time ago.”