Ana María Aldón, broken when remembering her relationship with Ortega Cano and her suicidal thoughts: “I wanted to end it”

Ana María Aldón (46) reviewed this Tuesday in GH Duo some of the hardest episodes of his life. The contestant of reality He underwent the curve of life, an exercise in which he talked about his relationship with depression, as well as his childhood and separation from Jose Ortega Cano (70).

The designer recalled her introduction into public life after her marriage to the bullfighter was formalized. “I meet my ex-husband and three months later I get pregnant. I wasn't very aware of the repercussions. “It was very hard every afternoon to hear a lot of atrocities.”she said, highlighting that the hardest thing for her was that the paternity of the son they have in common, José María, was questioned.

“There was a moment when the paternity of my son was questioned, when I took the car one day and… My mind goes blank and what I want is to finish. But he didn't have any doubts, so what other people thought didn't matter,” he recalled. And, although the right-hander never had any doubts, they both immersed themselves in a “very hard” process that he still has trouble remembering.

In this sense, the former fruit seller looked back to remember another of the moments that broke her into a thousand pieces on television: when Ortega Cano declared that he was still in love with his ex-wife, Rocío Jurado, “the person who was in his life stayed there.” “. The right-hander remembered the singer as “the woman of her life” while he was still married to Aldón. “I had the right to have the man in my life who valued me without looking at the past”.

“Trial, penitentiary center… I don't want to go too deep because I prefer to respect this person who has been very important to me and I still have affection for him. But it's crazy to see myself again with a child in my arms and alone. “I fell into depression”, he noted, thanking the vital moment in which he finds himself: “In these last months I have found a person who has given me joy back. I am very happy.” Last September, a year after confirming her divorce from Ortega Cano, she announced her wedding plans to her boyfriend Eladio.