Ana María Aldón, Alexia Rivas, Love Romeira y Alejandra Rubio They have something in common besides working together on the program. Emma Garcia on Telecinco. Unfortunately, all four receive threats on social networks. They have put them on the table this Friday. Former big sister Amor has even put the matter in the hands of the police, as she revealed a few days ago on her own social networks.

In this sense, Romeira has lamented: “I refuse to live in my house locked up. If something has to happen to me, let it happen to me, but I am not going to live in fear. I reported it and let the full weight of the law fall.” Amor, who is not the first time she has publicly denounced something like this, has also recalled: “In 2012 I suffered a stab wound for being trans.”

Alexia Rivas, for her part, has recalled the ordeal she experienced online in 2020 when the 'Merlos Place'. She frequently shares messages she receives on her networks to unmask the users behind her. Alejandra Rubio has also revealed: “Lately [las amenzas que recibe] They are aimed at the sexual theme. I have never reported it but I know I should. “I'm happier letting it go.” Emma García and her set colleagues have encouraged her to report.

Ortega Cano's ex, engaged to her boyfriend Eladio, says that she has been receiving threats and insulting messages online for a long time and that they have not stopped: “They continue to do it. There are days when it is difficult for me to get up. Society is “It's rotting. It seems strong to me that there is no one to put their hands on the matter. They say atrocious things to me and the majority are ladies.” In this sense, she has lamented: “I don't pretend to be liked by everyone, but if I haven't said anything to you, why do you hate me?”