Ana Lequio Obregón already goes out with her mother: cover star next week

On June 23, 1992 he came into the world Alessio Lequio, whom we see above embraced by his young mother. His mother had not yet turned 40 and his father had just turned 31. They were the celebrities of the moment and there was almost as much talk about them as about the Olympic Games in Barcelona or the Universal Exhibition in Seville. The paparazzi guarded Ana Obregon 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which generated tensions for a long time between the actress and the press. To top it off, the stormy separation of the Italian aristocrat from his first wife, Antonia Dell Atte, mother of his son, Clemente, added spice to the soap opera that marked the pink chronicle.

The biologist could not leave the house or go to work without bringing clouds of photographers behind her. But she had the help of her son to get rid of it. Álex, barely two years old, was there to protect his mother from flashes and questions: she even bit the reporters’ microphones. the antics of Alex Lequio they became famous and the programs and magazines collected those scenes of the child as part of the booty obtained by the reporters after hours of guards and chases. At that time, the protection of minors was not carried out to the letter, the pixels current taxes.

History is repeating itself now because, according to information from Miami, Ana Obregón has already gone out for a walk with her daughter and has been photographed with the little girl. Ana Lequio Obregón, the full name with which the actress has registered her daughter, as we anticipated in scoop.

It would not be surprising, therefore, that this Wednesday we see the first walk of mother and daughter through sunny Miami, a city where the hours are greatly limited by the temperature and high relative humidity of the air. These very specific schedules mean that the walks have to be at very specific times, easy for the visitors to guess. paparazzi of the agencies that have deployed their teams there.

Going out to do paperwork and being caught by the paparazzi

Ana Obregon She counts, as we already anticipated, with the help of a professional in the apartment with sea views where she has settled but has had no choice but to go out in person to finish off legal issues and other issues to resolve after becoming a mother. These procedures will continue upon her arrival in Spain if she wants to regularize the registration of the girl born in Miami. Let’s remember that surrogates in Spain are not valid and therefore the contract that Ana signed with the surrogate mother is null and void here.

Surrogacy, as surrogacy is called in the US, is legal in some states, but that does not mean that it is an easy process. In addition to the evaluation of the person who intends to assume maternity or paternity, it is necessary to be advised by lawyers or go to notaries. This without taking into account everything related to strictly sanitary aspects. In the absence of knowing specific details of the reproductive process, it is suggested that it is a double-donor pregnancy, a practice that only a few states allow and one of them is Florida.

As we already anticipated last Tuesday, when the news broke, a Spanish person who becomes a father or mother with a surrogate in a country where the process is legalized violates no law in Spain because they are carrying out a process in a foreign country and The law of the baby’s place of birth applies.

In the US, the surrogate mother is not the mother, and a contract signed between the parties so determines, waiving in writing the filiation of the baby that she has carried in her womb by a bilateral and completely legal agreement.

But in Spain the mother is the surrogate mother and the parents have no choice but to initiate legal proceedings in Spain to achieve that parentage because, even if that baby is the son or daughter of a Spaniard, Spanish law does not recognize him or her as Spanish, not even if he is a biological child.

Hence the paperwork: in Florida, double donors are allowed in surrogacy, but later there must be a court ruling that determines the affiliation of that child with the contracting parties. Only with the sentence in hand will Ana Obregón be able to register her daughter in Spain.