Ana Guerra and Víctor Elías are expecting their first child: “We have a little baby coming”

Ana Guerra (29) y Victor Elias (32) are expecting their first child together. The Canarian singer has been in charge of breaking the news and has revealed that she is about to be three months pregnant.

“We have a little baby coming,” the former triumph said during her interview on the KAPRA Dinner podcast. She has also revealed that she has some names planned for when her baby is born, around the beginning of June 2024: “I like Alicia, I like her a lot. And I like Nur too. But not Nuria, Nur.” The singer has stated that she feels “very excited” and that she wanted to tell it because they were “asking her a lot” about her motherhood.

Without going any further, just a few days ago he explained in ABC that being a mother was among her future plans, although she planned to wait a while. “I would have it already. But Víctor and I are at a wonderful moment in our careers, and without taking time off work you cannot dedicate yourself to your baby as he deserves,” she said then.

According to Guerra, in the music industry “you can make a mistake and have children at a time when you can't dedicate time to them”: “We travel a lot, and to have a child we have to stop. “Now we don't want to mortgage our careers for a baby, but if it were for love, we would already be parents.”

For his part, the actor The Serranos has not yet commented on the matter. The two started dating at the beginning of last year, and since then they have shouted their love from the rooftops, both on social media and at public events. The last one they attended was the José María Forqué Awards, in which together they paid tribute to the artist Concha Velasco.

Wedding bells

Last October, both artists announced their wedding plans.. “When you want to announce your engagement and you can't find a way to turn out well and show the rings. I adore you,” wrote the interpreter of Not even the time on Instagram, where he included a carousel of images with the Madrid actor. “She: 'Yes, I want'. He: 'Yes, I want,'” Elías added.

The former contestant of OT She said a few days ago that they had not yet begun to manage the ceremony, to which she will be invited Mrs. Letizia, since she is the pianist's cousin. “Whether he comes or doesn't come, I don't know. I haven't seen her in a long time. I was already a cousin when I was a presenter on TVE,” he said.