Ana Blanco and the secrets of her life: who is her husband and her “tense” relationship with Letizia Ortiz

This Thursday, RTVE announced news that marks the television history of an entire country: Ana Blanco He retires early at 63 years old. The journalist, after a lifetime dedicated to information, leaves a mark and an immense journalistic depth. This Saturday, February 24, he will say goodbye to the spectators ofand Weekly Reporta program she took over after leaving the 3:00 p.m. News in the summer of 2022. However, her early retirement will not take effect until March 29, so she will remain linked to the public until then.

He was born on November 19, 1960 in Bilbao, although the exact date of his birth has also been surrounded by mystery. He studied Pedagogy and his interest in information made him take his first steps on Bilbao radio, in Los 40 Principales, although it did not take him long to make the leap to the capital. She did a casting on Antena 3, between 1989 and 1990 she worked on Radio 16 and presented the cultural program with Agustín Bravo. Zip-zap. The guÃa on Telemadrid. And it has already arrived on TVE. She did it through a casting call that was looking for a presenter and thanks to a friend who worked in the radio and told her about it. The rest is history.

She is so discreet that throughout her long career she has barely given interviews. Nor has his participation in the informal gatherings after the public entity's press conferences been common. If he could have slipped away and returned to the newsroom soon, he has done it. In this sense, her personal life has also been kept in the most absolute discretion, although it is known that she is married to Juan Carlos Bolland, journalist and lawyer. The marriage does not have children.

According to Alfredo Urdaci, he did not have an exactly idyllic professional relationship with the now queen of Spain. “There was tension and rivalry. Ana Blanco saw that her position was in danger with Letizia and that tension was reflected in makeup, above all. When they met in the room, the tension was tremendous between the two,” she explained in a book and in an interview, among laughter, with The Confidencial.

During the more than 30 years that she has worked at TVE, she has been the most credible presenter on the public network. She has remained in charge of the News News (after-dinner, prime time or weekend) during the mandate of all the general directors and presidents of the Corporation. And she has also survived any change of Government (she started with Felipe González in La Moncloa and leaves with Pedro Sánchez in power), becoming an emblem of information neutrality.

In addition, it has broadcast the most important events of the last three decades, from the 9/11 and 11M attacks, to the wedding of Kings Felipe and Letizia, the resignation of Juan Carlos I or the election of the last Potatoes.