An NBA superstar will not face charges regarding an alleged relationship with a minor.

An NBA superstar will not face charges regarding an alleged relationship with a minor.

Police announced that they will not charge Josh Giddey of the Oklahoma City Thunder with a crime related to allegations of dating a minor.

At the time, Giddey, age 21, allegedly had a relationship with a girl who was 15 or 16 years old; the age for consent in California is 18.

The Newport Beach Police Department initiated an investigation after the allegations became public on social media.

Despite the availability of information and photographs on the internet, the department was “unable to verify any criminal activity.”

Before TMZ announced that Giddey would not face charges, they documented the alleged resistance of the girl and her family to cooperate with the police investigation.

It is currently uncertain whether the league will suspend the rising star by its player conduct policy.

According to a statement issued Wednesday evening, Newport Beach police stated that investigators thoroughly and exhaustively examined the case.

The Police Department stated its commitment to “ensuring precise details were disseminated for the public while also protecting the rights of the individuals involved,” despite maintaining a relatively silent stance throughout the incident.

As previously stated, the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, stated in December that the league would “remain silent” pending the conclusion of the criminal investigation, despite prior indications to the contrary.

Local police announced that Australian hoop star Josh Giddey is not facing charges in California regarding allegations that he had an illicit affair with a minor.

November saw the initiation of a police investigation into the 21-year-old Oklahoma City Warriors guard after Newport Beach officers becoming cognizant of the accusations.

The accusations originated on X, which was previously Twitter, where images of a shirtless Giddey posing behind a woman with claims that she was underage began to circulate.

Service removed both the post itself and the account on social media from which it was published.

The Newport Beach, Calif., Police Department issued a statement linked to this masthead on Thursday announcing that the investigation would be terminated and that no charges were currently filed.

Heather Rangel, an expert in crime prevention, stated, “Our detectives examined all available information surrounding allegations circulating on social media and have been unable to corroborate any unlawful activity.”

Giddey, however, is not entirely clear. Michael Bass, a spokesman for the NBA, stated that the organization was cognizant of the police investigation’s findings and was “continuing [its] review” of the situation.

“I see your question, everyone. I completely understand that you are interested in learning more, but I am at a loss for words at this time.” The Australian Boomers anticipate Giddey playing a crucial role in their Olympic bid in Paris.

A month ago, Giddey met with Boomers boss Brian Goorjian in the United States, where he expressed support for him representing Australia in the Games.

“I do, absolutely; however, similar to everyone else, I have no control over the legal aspect,” Goorjian had previously stated in this masthead.

“During this critical time for all, this group of athletes represents the nation. All positions and players must be covered in case a player is injured or unable to play. Every location is equipped with a contingency plan.”

“In general, we will collaborate with authorities to the extent that they are willing to disclose the information they possess,” Silver stated at a news conference held in Las Vegas prior to the NBA’s season tournament final.

“That is something we can learn from.” In this instance, we collect whatever information is at our disposal by collaborating with a police department or a district attorney.

We simultaneously make every effort to comply with their investigation, so long as they maintain that we are not impeding upon it. In general, however, we lag behind investigations and progress subsequently.