America inspires little trust

U.S breaks his record almost daily coronavirus infections. It has already exceeded 50,000 per day, for a total close to three million. “And I wouldn't be surprised if we hit 100,000 a day,” he anticipates. Anthony Fauci, the epidemiologist who leads the team of Donald Trump, who also crudely admits that the pandemic “It is not under control.” Athletes do not escape these figures and lately there is no date on which any of them appears in the headlines due to an infection. Among the names added to the list recently is that of a Spanish woman, Carlota Ciganda, which is isolated in Arizona. Each sport that returns to the activity stars in some case: we have seen it in the Golf PGA, in the UFC, in the Nascar… Also in tennis, with the positive of Frances Tiafoe. And within the NBA, which has already closed the facilities of seven teams due to different infections. American basketball is set to return on June 30 at Mundo de Walt Disney, despite the fact that 7% of the players are affected by the virus. Doubt does not offend.

The data from USA They do not inspire confidence abroad for the revival of sport, when great events are on the horizon: NBA, PGA Championship, US Open, Ryder Cup … One of the most worrying, from the European perspective, is the Grand slam. While it is true that the situation of New York It has improved a lot, the American scene still produces misgivings. Henri Leconte is of the opinion that it should be canceled, supported by a rush that places several players out of Flushing Meadows out of caution or fear. That uncertainty points to Rafael Nadal. Confirmation of your presence in Madrid, in the week after US Open, further feeds that unknown. Just in case, the ATP It has remodeled the regulations of the rankings. So that no one feels obligated.