Amath Ndiaye makes his debut as a scorer with Mallorca

Fully recovered from the injury that had him stopped for a year, Amath Ndiaye returns to play and score with the Mallorca shirt. The Senegalese striker made his debut in his team's victory against Málaga at the Visit Mallorca Estadi, taking advantage of a ball that rebounded in the area to beat Málaga's goal and put Mallorca ahead on the scoreboard after ten minutes into the game.

Mallorca Shield / Flag

Amath, what He arrived on loan to the island by Getafe, he was seriously injured at the end of 2018 when he suffered the rupture of the cruciate ligament in his right knee, serious injury that took him off the pitch for a full year.

In the past transfer market, Getafe and Mallorca reached an agreement for the transfer of the player who has been reunited with football with the vermilion jersey.

Amath says he feels “very good since I recovered from the injury, I am enjoying it and now I have to move on”. Regarding his situation in Mallorca as part of the continuous rotations of coach Luis García Plaza, the Senegalese assures that “as there are many games during the week, the coach does different eleven and the whole team is working very well, everyone who goes out to play He does it well and we are already prepared for Sunday thinking about Zaragoza “.

Amath is playing both inside and out. He has already occupied the left wing of the Mallorcan attack as the leading forward position where he distributes minutes with Cardona, Alegría and Abdon.