Álvaro Muñoz Escassi breaks his silence after the death of Laura Valenzuela with an emotional letter

Lara Dibildos y Alvaro Muñoz Escassi They are the perfect example that two people can become the best of friends despite the fact that their romantic relationship did not work out. And this is how they have shown it during the last goodbye to Laura Valenzuelain which the rider became the great support of the actress, who, devastated after the death of her mother, had the love and protection of her son’s father Alvaroone of its great pillars, as has been demonstrated in these very difficult moments.

After the burial of the emblematic presenter, whom the Sevillian still affectionately called “mother-in-law”, Muñoz Escassi has broken his silence with an emotional letter published on his social networks in which, in addition to publicly saying goodbye to Laura, he has had some Precious words for Lara, and has revealed the hard role that she has had to carry out in recent years. Lara has kept her mother’s illness ‘a secret’ to keep the memory we all had of her intact.

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“First of all I want to thank everyone, family, friends, the media, in short, all of you who loved Laura,” he wrote. Álvaro has apologized for not having spoken before the cameras present at the funeral chapel and at the funeral of the beloved actress: “I did not feel in a position to attend to you anymore,” he acknowledged.

In the letter, he confesses that he felt “very special for all the people who gave me their condolences for Laura and for all the means that made me a participant in this painful situation.” Álvaro has applauded and revealed the sacrifice that Lara has made for her mother in recent times, since it is something that was not known. Just one day before the death of the presenter, Mayra Gómez Kemp confirmed that Laura had Alzheimer’s.

“I just want to tell you that there is a very important person to me and that I assure you that no one is aware of the time and dedication that he has spent keeping his mother’s illness in absolute silence, so that above all, all the people who loved, admired and respected to Laura, they will keep that memory of who LAURA VALENZUELA has been”, she said, and has stressed that “it is admirable being an only child that she handled this situation alone”. “Even I got angry with her when Alvarito told me things and she did not involve me at all,” she confessed, extolling what a great daughter Lara was and how she took care of her mother alone, without even relying on the people closest to her. like Alvaro.

“I just want to say that Laura leaves in peace, she leaves happy and left one of the best people in the world (for Lara). As I used to tell her, calm mother-in-law that everything is fine.” Thus has ended this beautiful farewell letter, which he has accompanied with an image of himself and Laura, with whom he always had a very special relationship, posing smiling.