Álvaro Morata and the other captains of La Roja take 15 days to describe Rubiales’ behavior as “unacceptable”

Up to 15 days have taken the captains of the Spanish Soccer Team to react to the embarrassing kiss of Luis Rubiales a Jennifer Beautiful after becoming world champion together with the Spanish women’s team. Alvaro Morata, César Azpilicueta, Rodrigo Hernandez y Marco Asensio They have not taken a step forward until this Monday, September 4. At a press conference they have read a statement in which they denounce what happened last Sunday, August 20 in Sydney.

“Once concentrated in Las Rozas, the players of the National Team want to highlight several issues regarding the latest events that have harmed the image of Spanish football,” they stated, in the mouth of Morata.

First of all, the captains of the absolute men have congratulated their teammates for the historic achievement: “We want to transfer, once again, our pride and our most sincere congratulations to the women’s team for the title of world champions in Sydney. A historical milestone loaded with meaning that will mark a before and after in Spanish women’s football, inspiring many women with a triumph of incalculable value. For this reason, we want to regret and express our solidarity with the players who have seen their success tarnished”.

In this sense, they condemn the acts of the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation: “We want to reject what we consider to be unacceptable behavior on the part of Mr. Rubiales, who has not lived up to the institution he represents.”

The footballers add: “We stand firmly and clearly on the side of the values ​​that sport represents. Spanish football must be an engine of respect, inspiration, inclusion and diversity and must set an example with its behavior both on and off the pitch” .

Lastly, the players focus on the new sporting challenges that lie ahead: “From today, we face a decisive concentration for the future of Spanish football on our way to qualifying for Euro2024 with two games against Georgia and Cyprus. We I would like that, from now on, we could focus on sports issues given the relevance of the challenges that lie ahead”.

As we said, the statement from the men’s team has arrived two weeks after what happened and after receiving a wave of criticism on social networks for not ruling on it. Borja Iglesias was one of the few international players who denounced what happened quickly. The Betis player also announced that he would not return to the absolute as long as the situation did not change.

Jennifer Hermoso maintains that the kiss that Rubiales gave her was not consented to. FIFA has already opened a disciplinary file against Rubiales after his embarrassing press conference and they disqualified him as president for 90 days. However, the international soccer organization is considering extending this disqualification to 15 years, according to what the British media reported a few days ago. Daily Mail. Rubiales also touched his parts in the box after the goal of Olga Carmona.